How to Withdraw Cash Without SASSA Card – Overall Guide

SASSA is considered an agency responsible for providing essential financial support to vulnerable persons and families in South Africa. Although most grant beneficiaries use their SASSA payment cards to get their grants, you could find yourself needing to get money from your account without the SASSA card. This article will offer a step-by-step guide for those who have lost their cards or want to know other ways of withdrawing money.

How to withdraw cash without SASSA card or OTP online

SASSA acknowledges the significance of offering its beneficiaries convenient and secure methods to handle their grants. They provide various alternatives for cardless withdrawals, including SASSA cardless payments, ABSA or FNB’s Ewallet, and withdrawals at retailers partnered with SASSA.

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How to withdraw money without SASSA Card

There are ways to withdraw SASSA money without a card I will break them down into three different strategies that I have listed below:

  • Cash Send Option (ABSA, FNB E-Wallet, Standard Bank)
  • SASSA OTP Withdrawal (SASSA Cardless Payment)
  • Free of Charge Direct Payment Into Your Bank Account

Withdrawal Via SASSA Cash Send Services ABSA

ABSA’s Cash Send provides a convenient and easily accessible approach to withdrawing your grant funds. Let me explain the process:

1. Visit an ABSA ATM

Utilize the ABSA branch locator tool on their website to be directed to the nearest ABSA ATM or branch.

2. Start Cash Send Transaction

At an ATM or in a branch, Use the option of CASH SEND You will then be prompted to enter the recipient’s cell phone number. Ensure the cell phone number is yours or associated with your grant application.

3. Type Security PIN

You will receive a single-use security PIN to your registered mobile phone number. Input this PIN at the ATM or provide it to the ABSA branch staff.

4. Get Cash

When the transaction process is completed and the security PIN is verified you can then withdraw the money at any Absa branch or use an ATM.

Cash Send Via ABSA’s Bank Branch

To make a withdrawal at an ABSA Bank branch, you must adhere to the following steps:

SASSA Cash withdraw via bank
1. Locate Nearest ABSA Branch

Locate your nearest ABSA branch using the branch locator tool. Once you have found the branch, verify their operating hours and visit them within their designated working schedule.

2. Provide Phone Number

Kindly inform the branch personnel that you have arrived to withdraw your SASSA funds through Cash Send. The staff will request you provide the phone number that you utilized during the registration process for the SASSA grant.

3. Verify Transaction

An OTP will be sent to your mobile device. Kindly furnish the bank personnel with the OTP.

4. Receive Grant Money

Once the staff has confirmed your OTP, you will have the option to withdraw your grant funds from the ABSA branch. You may choose to withdraw the full grant amount or only the specific amount required at that time.

Withdrawal of SASSA Cash Via FNB’s E-Wallet

Here are steps you can take advantage of this service: FNB introduces E- Wallet an easier way of getting your grant money given you do not own the SASSA card:

Go to FNB ATM or Branch

One can easily get directions to the nearest FNB bank or ATM by using the FNB branch locator tool found on their site.

Start E-Wallet Transaction

Choose the “E-Wallet” option at the ATM or branch, where you will need to input the recipient’s cell phone number.

How to withdraw Cash via sASSA oTP online

You can also call SASSA OTP withdrawal to the SASSA R370 cardless cash withdrawal. If you want to use this kind of withdrawal, you will have to choose SASSA-Partnered retailers. Here are six such retailers:

Withdraw money from SASSA retailers
  1. Pick & Pay
  2. Shoprite
  3. Usave
  4. OK
  5. Checkers
  6. Boxer
  7. Spar

For this withdrawal option to be functional it’s required that you update your SASSA account payment method and use Cash Send through the SASSA web portal located at After this point, once updated, you can collect grant money at any authorized shop below:

pick documents

Remember to bring your mobile phone, ID Card, and SASSA/Postbank Gold Card PIN with you when you go to the pickup point.

Locate the nearest pick & pay point

Find the closest pickup location for one of the retailers partnered with SASSA.

Wait for your turn

Normally, you will encounter lengthy queues at pickup locations. Therefore, it is important to remain patient and wait for your turn.

Provide your ID and mobile number

When it is your opportunity, the staff will request your ID number and SASSA phone number to confirm your identity as the rightful grant recipient.

Confirm OTP and PIN

A confirmation message will now be sent to your mobile number. Additionally, the staff will request you to enter the PIN you used for ATM withdrawals.

Get Your Money

By entering the correct PIN, the cashier will proceed to issue your SASSA grant funds to you. Your grant payment has now been successfully processed using the SASSA cardless payment method.

NOTE: This method can also be utilized for withdrawing funds from the SAPO (South African Post Office) branch.

How to Withdraw Money Using the SASSA Mobile App

SASSA is now able to catch up with the times as it has introduced a new application whereby beneficiaries can get their money easily. Below is a procedure that shows how one can download cash from his/her SASSA account through the same application:

Download and install SASSA Moblie app

Please access the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone to locate the “SASSA Mobile App“. Proceed to select the official SASSA app and initiate the download and installation process.

Register or Log In

Begin by launching the application and creating an account if you are a first-time user. You will be required to input your ID number and any other necessary details. If you are an existing user, just sign in with your login information.

Link Your SASSA Account

After logging in the user account must be linked with the app in this case SASSA. Just go with what is on the display screen to do this.

Withdraw grants Funds

After linking your account successfully, you can access your SASSA funds conveniently using the app. You only need to choose the withdraw option and then follow all instructions provided step by step to make it happen. It is through this process that once done you will get a withdrawal reference number which is necessary when collecting money.

How to get payment directly in a bank account

The best way for me is to have my grant payments deposited directly into my bank account. This means that there will be no reliance on other sources, and also it guarantees that all the funds released as grants go directly into my account. To do this, you have to change your banking details on the SASSA website at

Once payments are linked with a bank account of yours, those accounts will be credited from next month onwards. Please remember to ensure that the bank account is registered in your name since SASSA cannot transfer grant payments to someone else’s bank account.

Get Safe When Withdrawing SASSA Grant

Always take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your grant funds:

Never at any time disclose your SASSA PIN to Friends, Relatives, or in any way to people representing or claiming to be SASSA officials.

It should be noted that, under any circumstances, SASSA will not ask for your PIN.

Avoid attending to calls, text messages, or emails alleging to be from SASSA and asking for your personal information or PIN.

This is not the way SASSA interacts with people. Only use the official SASSA website and validated mobile apps.

If you suspect any fraudulent activity or encounter a potential scam, it is imperative to contact SASSA immediately.

Topic Conclusion

SASSA offers flexibility and convenience so that you can access your money whenever you need it, even if you do not have a SASSA card. You could use this option for instance: Cash Send; Cardless Payments; or Direct Bank Deposit. So now we know a few ways followed by anyone who wants to withdraw their funds from SASSA; just choose any of them depending on the manner of living you have and have your grant without many struggles.

Remember, your PIN is the key to your grant’s safety. Never share it with anyone, not even trusted individuals, to keep your funds secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to access your SASSA funds even without possessing a physical card. This article presents alternative approaches, including Cash Send, SASSA Cardless Payment, and Direct Bank Deposit, which enable you to withdraw funds without relying on a SASSA card.

The SASSA mobile application provides a secure platform for managing your funds. It is important to download the official app from trusted app stores and adhere to suggested security measures, including safeguarding your login details.

It is advisable to ask about any charges before proceeding with your cash withdrawal, as certain financial institutions and stores may apply a nominal fee for cash transfer services or withdrawals at retail locations.

Some financial institutions, such as Absa, Standard Bank, and FNB, provide cash send services that enable customers to access funds without the need for a physical card, unlike traditional ATMs that typically require a card for transactions.

Yes, it is possible to utilize cash transfer services to send SASSA funds to another recipient. Simply follow the identical procedure at the ATM, where you will be required to input the beneficiary’s ID number and the desired withdrawal amount.

If your card gets misplaced or stolen, it is imperative that you promptly reach out to Sassa and request them to immediately deactivate your card.

Yes, It is possible to easily withdraw SASSA money at Shoprite even without a card.

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