How To Check SASSA Status Via Moya App – 5 Easy Steps

In 2024, South Africans can look at the popularity of the SASSA SRD R370 grant charge with the Moya App. This app is available for free download and installation from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The Moya app provides easy ways to verify the status of your grant without having to visit a SASSA office. Read this article carefully to check your SASSA Status via Moya app

check SASSA status via moya app

SASSA status Check Via moyaApp

Status check, Benefits, Balance check, Contact Details

Check SASSA status via Moya App and payment dates

Please follow the below simple steps to check your SASSA status via Moya app and payday for your grant.

Step 1. Download and install the Moya app

The Moya app SASSA 370 is accessible on all mobile operating systems. If you haven’t already, download and install the Moya app on your cellphone from the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the Apple App Store (for iOS gadgets). You can download and use the app for free.

  1. If you’re using an Android device, get it from the Play Store.
  2. If you are an iPhone user, download the app from the official App Store.
  3. Huawei smartphone users can download it from the App Gallery.
  4. Users of other smartphone brands can download the app from their respective app stores.

Step 2. Launch the Moya App and Register or Log In

Once the application has been downloaded, launch the Moya app on your smartphone, and if you already have an account, log in to access your dashboard. If this is your first time, then give your mobile number during registration, and you’ll receive an OTP code on your phone.

Enter the OTP code on the app to complete the registration process. Set your name in the app after entering the OTP on the screen.

Step 3. Access the SRD R370 Grant Services and Money

Once you have registered or logged in, select the “Discovery” tab at the bottom. The full list of Umoya app services is now available to you. From this menu, pick the “Services and Money” section. Now you will see a detailed list of government services and financing.

Locate and tap the “SASSA Relief” icon to initiate the service. This service provides financial assistance to eligible individuals in need. You will be redirected to the SRD page; scroll down to the “Check the SRD status” tab.

Step 4. Provide your ID number and Cell Phone Number

You will need to enter your cell phone number and 13-digit ID card number to check your SASSA status. Kindly verify that the information you entered in the appropriate fields on the Moya app is accurate by reviewing your details and ensuring that there are no errors.

Step 5. Click Submit to Check your SASSA Status and payday

Click “Submit” once you have entered your ID and phone numbers. The Payment dates and the SASSA status of your Moya app will appear instantly on the screen. You will be able to view any information regarding the status of your SRD R370 grant, as well as whether your application has been accepted, rejected, or has any other problems. You can then proceed with your transaction if your application is accepted.

That’s all! You now know how to quickly and easily check your SRD status using the Moya app in just a few simple steps. Additionally, you can check the status of all other SASSA grants as well as the Child grant and the Old Age grant.

steps to Change SASSA Banking Details via the Moya app

The Moya app SASSA offers a range of services, such as checking status, applying for benefits, and updating bank information. To begin, here’s a detailed walkthrough on modifying your SASSA banking details through the app.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. -Sign up on the app initially. It’s a simple and fast process.
  2. After installing the app, input your mobile number and complete the registration.
  3. Locate and tap on the discovery icon.
  4. Scroll down until you find the section labeled “Money And Services”.
  5. Click on this section.
  6. Look for the tab that reads “Update Your Banking Details”.
  7. Click on it.
  8. It will take you to the official SASSA website link to update your banking details. You will need to visit this official website via this link and provide your ID number to Change your banking details.

What are the Benefits of using the Moya App SASSA 370

Check out the following advantages offered by the Moya app if you’re wondering why you should use it instead of the other status-check techniques for your convenience and efficiency. The Moya app stands out for its user-friendly interface and real-time updates.

Datafree AccessUsing the app eliminates the need for paper-based applications and saves users the expense of traveling to an SASSA or SAPO office.
ConvenienceUsers don’t need to visit a SASSA or SAPO office to apply for and access their grants. This is especially helpful for people who reside in rural or underdeveloped areas.
Realtime UpdatesIt gives continuous updates on the situation with your application so you can remain educated and forward-thinking about your award status.
Security featureTwo-factor authentication ensures that only authorized individuals can access SASSA information, making the application more secure.
Cost-effectiveUsing the app eliminates the need for paper-based applications and saves users the expense of traveling to a SASSA or SAPO office.
Easy to understandThe application is not difficult to utilize and explore, with a straightforward and natural point of interaction.
SASSA administrationsOne of the primary elements of the Moya is that you can get to numerous SASSA administrations in a single spot. Whether you want to refresh your contact details, change your banking details, lodge an appeal, or reapply for your grant, you can get to these administrations without any problem.
Kindly note: You can’t utilize these administrations straightforwardly in the application; however, it gives an immediate connection to the SASSA site for simple access and saves time from looking through on the web.)
Multiple LanguagesThe app allows you to select your preferred language.

moya app sASSA balance check, appeal, reapplication

SASSA balance check

Kindly note that the Moya app does not support checking your SASSA balance. Ensure to use authorized channels such as the SASSA card, USSD code, or your bank account to check your SASSA balance.

SASSA Appeal Via Moya App

You must go to the Department of Social Development’s website at this link to file an appeal regarding your SRD grant. The Moya app has no built-in feature to request your SASSA grants.

Reapplication Via Moya App

The application includes an official link to Reapply for Your R370 Grant on the SASSA website. Use this link, to submit your SASSA reapplication. Make sure to reapply within the given time frame to ensure your grant is not permanently canceled.

How do I check my R370 status in 2024

Dial *120*3210# or *120*69277# on your traditional mobile device.

A menu will appear, prompting you to select from the following options:

Press 1 to check your SRD status.

Press 2 to enter your SRD grant information.

Press 3 to check your SRD R350 grant application status.

What can I do with the SASSA R370 Moya app

The app allows user:

  1. The Moya app allows you to monitor the status of your SASSA SRD payment.
  2. You can use it to update your data. You can also check your payment history and receive notifications about upcoming payments.
  3. Reconsideration requests can also be made using it.
  4. It allows you to switch the payment method from the default Post Office to your desired bank account.
  5. You will need your ID number and phone number for the majority of the modules, so have them ready.

Contact SASSA for further inquiries

If you have further grant-related questions and facing some issues checking SASSA status contact the following:

Phone number: 012 312 7727

Fax number: 086 534 3124 or 086 216 371

Email: [email protected]

Postal Address: Private Bag x 901, Pretoria, 0001


The Moya App SASSA 370, in my opinion, is a useful tool for South African recipients of social grants for checking your SASSA status at any time in a matter of seconds. You no longer need to go to the SASSA office and wait in long lines for updates; you can get all of them from your smartphone. Download the application today, and you can remain associated with your award status day in and day out.

The SAASA as an office is supposed to be even more successful and productive with its work, and this is only one way that it can develop its work. Beneficiaries will find the app to be an indispensable resource because of its features and benefits, such as its secure login, its easy access to support and information, and its capacity to update personal information.

Frequently Askes Questions

Yes, The Moya App SASSA 370 can be downloaded by Android users from the Play Store, iPhone users from the App Store, and Huawei users from the App Gallery.

The Moya App does not offer a function to modify banking details. To make changes to your banking information, please go to the official SASSA website at

There are no built-in features within the application for appealing SASSA grants. For those seeking to file an appeal, it is recommended to visit the official website.

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