How To Make A SASSA Appeal For A Declined SRD Grant

SASSA is a short-term grant for those living in crisis and not receiving any financial support, Like UIF payments and funds from any other government institute. It is a government agency that distributes grants to as many eligible people as possible on time. When you applied for the SASSA SRD grant on their electronic platform and received a notification that your application was rejected now you want to know why SASSA Declined your application. Then here is the solution for the SRD Grant declined.

Step by Step guide for SASSA appeal

Check Application StatusFrequently Asked Questions

Understanding The SASSA SRD appeal

The appeals process aims to give applicants a chance to challenge SASSA’s decision. The Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) handles this SASSA Appeal process. You must file all required documents as evidence to make a strong appeal to the department that you are eligible for a grant

how to appeal for a declined sASSA grant Online

SASSA provides a convenient way to appeal by applying through their official website.

SASSA Appeal online

Browse to the SRD Appeal website: Open your browser to this URL

Log in or register: If you are an existing account holder, enter your username and password for your SASSA account, and if you are new, then first create an account.

Provide credentials: Navigate to the “Track Appeal Status” on the “Appeals” page. Enter your registered ID and phone number. Click “Send Pin.”

Verification Pin: You will get a verification code for your registered phone number. Enter your pin you will be directed to the appeal section.

Appealing month:  After accessing the appeal section, you can see all the available monthly records for your grant. Select a specific month for which you want to appeal

Important note: Make sure to file an appeal for this month when your application is rejected. ITSAA did not accept the appeal for multiple months.

Upload documents: Provide a detailed explanation in the “Appeal Statement” section for the denial of your application. You have the option to upload up to five supporting documents (such as bank statements, ID, and proof of residence) by selecting the files through the “Browse” button.

Submit Appeal: Click “Submit an appeal.” Before submitting you must read and accept the clauses in the Declaration and Consent Documents. Now, wait for the response of the Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA).

SASSA Appeal Via Telephone

  • Pick up your phone and dial 0800 60 10 11. 
  • Select option 3 to directly contact a SASSA agent on the call.
  • Lodge your appeal request through your voice call.

Note: After the application is declined, the applicant must submit an appeal every month.

SASSA appeal for SRD R370

What to do if my SASSA Appeal is declined

If you receive a notification that states that your application for the R370 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant has been rejected can be quite discouraging. However, it is possible for you to seek to know more about what informed the decision and explore other alternatives.

Understanding the reason

  • Examine the Decision: Initiate by looking into the grounds for declining your appeal. Elaborate justifications ar offered by the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) for the declination.
  • Resolve Any Issue: When the explanation is ambiguous, call ITSAA or SASSA for clarification.

Review Your Application and Appeal

  • Verify Your Details: Double-check that all the information you submitted in your application and appeal is correct and thorough. Even a minor mistake or oversight could result in rejection.
  • Evaluate Your Qualifications: Find out if you qualify for a SRD grant. Check to see if you meet all the requirements.

Seek Advice

Seek guidance from legal aid services or community assistance programs if you have doubts about why your application was rejected or your eligibility for social grants.

Legal Recourse

If you believe your petition was unfairly denied although you met all the requirements, you should think about having it reviewed by the High Court. Before doing so it is very important to be very careful as well as consult with a legal practitioner if there is one nearby.

Financial Planning

Make use of this period to evaluate your financial standing and come up with a budget. Whether the grant comes or not, knowing well your financial position will help in a proper distribution of your resources.

Stay Informed

Stay updated on any changes in policies and criteria for social grants to ensure you are aware of any new programs you may qualify for in the future.

Why is my SASSA Appeal declined?

Status commonly declines when you are not fulfilling their eligibility criteria. First of all, identify the reason why your grant application was rejected. This will help you understand the steps you need to take to resolve the issue. These are the common reasons for declining an application, as mentioned below:

Identiy verfication failed

In case the details you give are not the same as those in the Department of Home Affairs data, your appeal can be dismissed because it involves whether your name, ID number, or any other personal details are not correct.

Action: Make sure that all of your personal details are accurate and current with the Department of Home Affairs.

UIF payments

Those who receive any other social grants, UIF payments, or financial assistance are ineligible for grants.

Action: Verify your current grant status and make sure that you are not listed as a recipient of any other grant.

NSFAS registered

If you are currently benefiting from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), you are classified as financially assisted and therefore not eligible for the SRD grant.


If you fall outside of this range, I have to regretfully inform you that your request will not be approved, as you have to be between 18 and 60 years old for it to be considered.

DHA record

If the applicant is found to have died in the records of the Department of Home Affairs, then this will lead to the rejection of their application.

Action: Verify and update your status with the DHA in case this error happens.

Owner condition

The family’s primary earner may have passed away or been sent to jail for six months.

Alternative Income Source found

Make sure to accurately report your income to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, especially if your bank account shows deposits over R624.

SASSA appeal eligibility

How to make SASSA Appeal successful

Verify your details before appealing to ensure that the appropriate authorities consider your appeal. It’s very important to verify your details before appealing.

  1. Open the official website.
  2. Provide a 13-digit South African ID card number to log in to the SASSA portal.
  3. Take a detailed look at your given information.
  4. If you find any outdated or false information, update it.

If you feel like updating your banking details then change them through this convenient method. Change your banking details

SASSA appeal for r370

Methods to track SASSA Appeal 2024

The applicant must track her appeal by time to ensure that it has not been lost due to the bundle of application outcome time being delayed but results are sent to your mobile number via SMS after verification.

Three focused methods used to check appeal status are as follows:

Check SASSA Appeal Status Online

  1. Visit this SASSA SRD grant website used to lodge an appeal and check the status of the appeal
  2. Write the South African ID and phone numbers used to submit your application in the field box.
  3. Click “Send PIN” A verification OTP (One-time PIN) is sent to your number.
  4. After putting OTP a new webpage is open on your screen. Find and click the “Check Appеal Status” option.
  5. Then the current status of your appeal is displayed on the screen.

How to check appeal status Via SMS

  • Send your ID number to 32573.
  • You’ll receive a message with your appeal status.

SASSA appeal status via Call Center

If you are facing any internet issues or the SASSA Appeal server is down. You can track your appeal by calling 0800 601 011. Please provide them with your application ID and phone number. After that, an official representative can assist you with your current appeal status.

How long does an SRD appeal take

It takes at least 60–90 days to recheck your identity, banking details, and other required information. It takes time due to the bundle of applications that are waiting to proceed. Make sure to file an appeal within 30 days to avoid any further rejection.

Results for SASSA Appeal

You will receive a report about your SRD grant appeal, which could be as follows: 

Appeal Pending: That means your appeal is under review and the decision has not been taken yet. 

Appeal Approved: That means that your appeal is successful and you are eligible for grants. Appeal Declined: Your appeal is unsuccessful, and you are not eligible for grants.

What is the deadline for the SASSA Appeal?

The applicant is advised to appeal within 30 days after the application is rejected. After submitting an appeal, you have to wait for 90 days. During this time, your application is reconsidered, and a decision is made on it. If your appeal is successful, the Department will reverse its declined decision to appeal approved, and you will start receiving your grant money.

Sassa Appeal srd Solution for SRD Grant Declined

What Should I Do After The SASSA Appeal Decline

If you see the “appeal declined” status, this means that officials have once again rejected your application. This decision cannot be overturned due to the policy of SASSA. Rather, if you strongly believe that you meet the given criteria, the only option you have left is to take your matter to the high court for judicial review.

Double SASSA Grant

Note that the increase of R20 for the SRD grant to R370 will only be implemented at the end of April 2024. If you’ve been rejected and you wish to appeal the decision to receive double SASSA grants, here’s what you need to do:

1Go to the SRD Appeal website
2Enter your ID and phone number, which are used during the application.
3Click on the “send pin” button.
4Enter an OTP sent to your number and click submit.
5Once verified, submit the evidence for your declined application.
6You will get double SASSA grants or the exact amount you owe.

Reconsideration Each Month Rejected

Keep applying every month: If your request is denied multiple times, send a new appeal for each month.

Patience is Key: Even with delays, many applicants have seen success with their appeals.

How do I change my SASSA appeal?

1Visit the SASSA web portal
2Find and click on “Update your Existing Application for Reapplication”.
3Write your South African ID and mobile number.
4Update your details as needed.
5Resubmit your SASSA grant application.
6After submission, there will be a waiting period during which SASSA processes your application. You can check your SRD R350 application status.

How do I Cancel the SASSA Application

When your situation changes and you no longer require grant funds or start getting funds from other sources, you can cancel your application. With time, you need financial support due to a crisis. You can be restored to your canceled application

SASSA grant cancelation process
  1. Cancelation website
  2. Put in your “South African ID number”.
  3. Put in your “Phone Number” used to submit your application.
  4. Click “Send Pin” for verification of your registered identity.
  5. Find and Click the “Cancel my Application” tab.
  6. Click on the yellow color button ” Cancel here to online”

An OTP will be received at your registered mobile number. Confirm by clicking the “Cancel my Grant” button. A prompt will appeal ‘Are you sure to cancel your grant application’ Click yes to proceed.

After confirming a message will received on your number  ‘Your request to cancel the SASSA Grant has been sent.’

How to apply for R370?

How to apply for Children Grant?

SASSA Payment dates

Independent Tribunal

The independent tribunal will carefully review and check all applications submitted by appeal applicants. The department ensures whether there is any human mistake or valid reason for the failure of the application before making a final decision. After clarification, a decision is sent to you via SMS on your phone.

How do I contact ITSAA For SASSA Appeal Queries?

If you have any questions regarding your appeal status declaration and want to discuss it with the Department of Social Development. Feel free to contact them on these given phone numbers or email addresses.

  • Phone number: 012 312 7727
  • SRD authority’s helpline number: is 0800601011.
  • Write your queries clearly and send them to official Email: [email protected]
  • SASSA SRD official Website:
  • SASSA Grant Enquiries Office: [email protected]
  • SASSA WhatsApp Number: 082 046 8553
  • Fax: 086 534 3124 or 086 216 371
  • Postal Address: Private Bag x 901, Pretoria, 0001

Alternatively, you can visit their office which is near to your address. They can offer further details and advice regarding your particular situation.

Kenneth Baloyi (SASSA’s Contact Center Manager)

Frequently Asked Questions

The deadline is 30 days after your application is declined. If you proceed for 30 days, your application is automatically rejected.

Yes, the ITSAA department can also decline your appeal if you are not fulfilling the grant criteria.

The appeal process is managed by ITSAA instead of SASSA. ITSAA typically requires 60 to 90 days to complete the appeal procedure.

If your reconsideration process is taking time, it means that they have received it but need to make sure of its eligibility and authenticate the information before approving it.

Reasons for declaration: 1- High Volume of Applications 2- Incomplete or Inaccurate Information 3- Eligibility Criteria are not fulfilled.

You can regularly check your status through this website. Log in using the ID number and registered phone number. A pop-up tracking the appeal is displayed on the screen.

Congratulations! If you receive a message that your appeal is approved, the Independent Tribunal will instruct SASSA to credit the payment into your bank account, therefore requiring your accurate contact details.

  1. Confirm application information
  2. Provide any missing documentation
  3. Communicate directly with SASSA
  4. Keep patience and check status regularly
  5. Maintain accurate records
  6. Stay updated on the progress

Once your reconsideration is accepted, there is no requirement to apply again each month.


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