How To Fix ‘Identity Verification Failed’ SASSA R370 Status

SASSA status of ‘Identity Verification Failed’ can frequently pose major challenges, delaying the essential financial aid provided by SASSA SRD grants. It can be a challenge for many recipients, such as yourself, who are unsure about verifying grant status and getting back on track to receive grant money. We’re here to assist you in understanding and resolving this issue.

How to solve identity verification failed

Why SASSA SRD R370 identity verification failed

If you come across the ‘Identity Verification Failed’ status on your SASSA grant application, it means there is an issue between information you submitted and the records saved by the Department of Home Affairs.

Different issues can cause this situation, such as typos in your name, last name, or ID number, or differences in your records because updates haven’t been updated in the Department’s database.

Note: Ensuring that individuals are unable to receive SRD grants multiple times by using different identities.

How does SASSA verify beneficiary identity?

  • When you apply for any social SASSA grant or SRD R370, you must provide the necessary documents, such as a certified copy of your ID or Passport.
    • SASSA will not only manually review your information, but their systems are also connected to Home Affairs systems to confirm the identity verification of your application.
  • Make sure to accurately input your application information as it must check across all platforms to avoid any issues with your grant approval and payment processing.
  • These will decide if you will receive the “Identity Verification Failed” result while verifying your SRD grant status.

Steps to solve “identity verification failed” status

1. Confirm your identity

Verify your information is correct is important when dealing with the ‘Identity Verification Failed’ status. Here are specific steps you can follow to verify and update your details.

  • Review all details: It’s important to double-check your ID number and bank details, as these are often where mistakes happen. Take the time to ensure that names are spelled correctly and numbers are in the right order.
  • Stay updated with Home Affairs: It’s possible that changes to your personal information haven’t been updated in Department of Home Affairs’ records. If you’ve recently changed your name or corrected your birth date, it’s important to ensure that these updates are reflected in the Department’s records. Head to your local Home Affairs office with required documentation to verify and update your details.
  • Correct documentation: Make sure the details on your ID match the information you give to SASSA to avoid any issues with identity verification. False information can cause verification to fail.
  • Use Official Documents: Make sure to have your official documents ready when completing or updating your SASSA application. This will prevent errors while inputting your details.
  • Bank Information: Inaccurate bank details may not impact identity verification issues, but they could cause delays in receiving funds if rectified at the same time. Verify your account number and branch code are accurate, and that the account is under your name as per Home Affairs’ records.

2. Biometric verification

SASSA uses biometric methods such as face recognition and digital ID document verification to confirm identities. Embracing these technologies can assist in resolving any inconsistencies.

  • Facial recognition technology verifies the identity of an individual by comparing facial characteristics from a submitted photograph with those on an ID document or stored in official databases. This analysis includes examining different facial metrics to confirm the applicant’s identity.
  • SASSA employs digital tools to authenticate identification documents by cross-referencing the digital data stored in the ID card or document with the information in the national database to ensure its validity.
  • Despite not being universally utilized for all purposes, fingerprint scanning can also be involved in the verification process, particularly in complex cases where further evidence of identity is needed.

3. Appeal decision

Facing ‘Identity Verification Failed’ status is not unusual, but can be managed by following to correct protocols and ensuring the accuracy of information. By promptly appealing and carefully verifying personal details, individuals can successfully overcome this issues and receive SASSA SRD grants.

4. Contact SASSA

Contact Number: You may contact the SASSA toll-free number (0800 60 10 11) for support.

SASSA Offices: Visit the nearest SASSA office for assistance in person.

Stay Updated: Stay informed about SASSA news and announcements by following official channels.

guide to fix SASSA identity verification failed

How to appeal failed SASSA SRD status?

If your SASSA status check remains unsuccessful, you have option to request a review and investigation of your grant application by an Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA).

The duration of this procedure may be slightly extended, your given details will undergo verification against multiple databases utilized by SASSA, such as the Home Affairs.

The revalidation of information by the ITSAA may require a maximum of 3 months to be completed. During this period, it is advisable to monitor and review your SASSA status regularly for any updates.

FAQs on Identity Verification Failed’ Status for SASSA SRD R370 Grants

Q. What details do I need to verify to solve this issue?

It is essential to ensure that your name, surname, ID number, and all other personal information are accurate and current in order to complete the verification procedure with the Department of Home Affairs.

Q. What is duration to resolve an appeal for SASSA Status Check failure?

The duration for an appeal may differ, however, it requires a couple of weeks for SASSA to handle SRD appeals. Throughout this period, it is crucial to verify that all your paperwork is completed and that you have completed all the essential procedures to confirm your details.

Q. Inaccurate bank information to result in an ‘Identity Verification Failed’ status?

Incorrect bank details do not result in an ‘Identity Verification Failed’ status. Unless they can cause other issues like delays in SASSA grant payments. It is important to verify that your bank details are accurate to avoid any payment delay.

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