SASSA Change Phone Number Step-By-Step Guide

If you are a beneficiary of the SASSA SRD grant and want for SASSA change phone number guide then read this carefully. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides convenient options both online and offline. Once your identity is verified, you can easily change your contact details. This guide will walk you through the simple steps required to update your phone number if you no longer have access to your old one.

The SASSA Social Relief of Distress SRD R370 Grant and other social grants rely heavily on your phone number and South African ID. It is important to keep your personal information accurate and error-free to receive the grant consistently every month.

Note: This is an easy guide for the Beneficiary to change the SASSA phone number. For further queries check Frequently Asked Questions to get your answer.

SASSA change phone number process

 Why You Should Update Your Phone Number

There could be several reasons prompting you to update your phone number, like:

  1.  Your mobile device is missing or has been stolen by someone.
  2. Your SASSA grant was registered on your previous sim card after you changed it.
  3. The incorrect phone number was mistakenly included in the SASSA grant application.
  4. The grant application was submitted with a phone number that doesn’t belong to you, and unfortunately, you can no longer reach out to that person.

SASSA change phone number process

Changing your SRD phone number can be done in various ways, with the most convenient and highly recommended method being through the SASSA official website change phone number. However, not everyone has access to the internet or may find it challenging to do it online. If you need to update your SASSA number for SRD R350 or any other grants like Disability, Old Age, Care Dependency, Child Grants, and so on, just use this process.

sASSA change phone number without an application ID

If you misplaced your application ID, there is a simple way to retrieve it from the SASSA SRD website. The application ID is a unique 6-digit code allocated to your SASSA grant application when you apply. This code serves as an identification for your application.  Follow the below steps to get your application ID:

SRD websiteGo to the SASSA SRD website status check page.
DetailsEnter your 13-digit South African ID number and your old cellphone number without spaces.
SubmitClick the “submit” button to receive your 6-digit application ID displayed on the first line.

Make sure to note your application ID for future reference. Proceed with the steps mentioned below.

How to change the SRD phone number official website

Updating your SRD grant phone number through the South African Social Security Agency’s (SASSA) website is a simple process that can be done in just a few easy steps.

Visit the official SASSA website

Click here to go to the SASSA update contact details page: link. Choose the “Change Phone Number” option.

Provide your details

Enter your 13-digit South African ID number along with your 6-digit application ID. (If you do not have your application ID, refer to the instructions above on how to find it.)

Submit the Forum to proceed

Press the “Submit” button to verify your identity. Make sure to review all your information in the form before sending it.

Verify your email

Next, you will be redirected to a separate form and prompted to verify your email address. Enter your registered email address for the SRD grant and your updated phone number. Then, click on “submit.”

Reason for changing phone number

You will now be asked to provide the reason for changing your phone number. Please select the specific reason you want to change your number from the dropdown menu.

  1. If your cell phone is lost or stolen,
  2. Or if you used someone else’s phone number to apply and now can’t contact them,
  3. There might be other reasons why you can’t access the mobile number you applied with.

Verify your new phone number

After explaining the purpose, an OTP will be sent to your recently updated mobile number. Enter the received OTP code on the website and click “Submit” to approve the change.

SASSA change phone number Without the Internet?

If you wish to update your SRD grant phone number offline, it is necessary to contact the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) directly. There are two methods available for you to do so.

Contact SASSA Toll-free number

Contact the SASSA call center at 0800 60 10 11 to request an update to your contact information. Speak with a representative who will verify your identity before updating your phone number. Once your identity is confirmed, the agent will proceed to update your contact details in their system.

Go to the nearest SASSA office

You can locate your closest SASSA office and personally visit it. Remember to bring your ID documents as the staff might need them for verification. Once your identity is confirmed, they’ll update your phone number.

Please keep in mind that both methods can be time-consuming. This is because the call center typically experiences high call volumes, with many individuals seeking assistance, which can keep the agents occupied for extended periods.

Going to the SASSA office can be quite time-consuming due to the constant presence of long queues, and you’ll need to wait for your turn.

SASSA change phone number

How to Report for SRD lost phone number

In the event of theft or loss of your cell phone or SIM card linked to your SASSA application, it is necessary to follow this procedure to update your contact information with SASSA without requiring an OTP.

Stolen/misplacedMake sure to contact SASSA right away if you’ve misplaced your cell phone number to report the incident.
Report If you need to report your stolen registered cell phone number to SASSA, simply visit this link:
DetailsEnter your ID Number.
ComplainWhen you provide your ID number, you are verifying that your cell phone number for the SASSA SRD R370 grant application was changed without your permission.
AgreeConfirm your choice with Yes or No.
SubmitIf you agree, you will be notified that the unauthorized cell phone number change report has been successfully submitted to SASSA.

Note: Request a replacement SIM card with the same phone number by presenting your ID card. There will be no need for you to change your phone number for the SRD grant.

Important points when updating SRD contact details

Consider the following guidelines when updating your phone number:

Stay Updated

If glitches appear on the website, it is important to stay connected and retry submitting the form at a later time. Technical problems may cause a delay in the form submission process. In case you encounter obstacles, do not lose hope – take a short break and then try to submit the form again.

Verify Account

Make sure to log into your SASSA account and verify your SASSA status. If you see ‘record not found,’ reach out to the SASSA helpline at 0800 601 011 to stop your payments.

Secure ID

Keep your application ID safe for future use. Remember to never share it publicly or with unauthorized parties.


Clearly explain to SASSA the valid reason for updating your phone number in their records. Providing inaccurate information may result in the termination of your grant, as SASSA takes fraud very seriously.

RICA registered

To receive your payment via cardless ATM withdrawal, your phone number must be registered with RICA. This process ensures that only registered numbers can receive the PINs necessary for withdrawing your payment.

updated limit

Remember that you can only make one request to update your contact details every 24 hours.

User experience

Some users are finding it difficult to change their contact information because of issues with website links not working or delays in processing. If you’re in the same issue, remember to be patient and contact SASSA directly for help.

article Conclusion

By now, you have understood the process of updating your SRD grant telephone number with or without an application ID using SASSA’s online platforms or direct assistance services. SASSA takes 2-5 working days to update your contact details for the grant. How to file a complaint for your stolen phone number or ID card? is briefly described here for your easiness.

Log into your SASSA account to check your SASSA status.

Frequently asked questions

To stay informed about grant updates and payment notifications, it is essential to have an active phone number.  Failing to keep your number updated may result in delays when it comes to receiving important updates regarding your SASSA grant.

If you are unable to access the internet, you have the option to update your SRD grant phone number by reaching out to the SASSA call center or paying a visit to the closest SASSA office. It is important to note that both approaches necessitate the verification of your identity.

You can change your phone number online by visiting the SASSA website. Fill in your information and complete a form. To ensure the accuracy of the change, you will need to verify both your email and new phone number. This can be done by receiving an OTP on your new mobile number.

In case you cannot find your application ID, you have the option to recover it through the SASSA SRD website. All you need to do is input your South African ID number along with your previous cellphone number. Once verified, your 6-digit application ID will be shown, enabling you to continue with the process of modifying your contact information.

To change the number linked to your SRD grant, you must provide your original ID document, proof of your current residential address, and a new phone number.

It may take 2-5 working days for your phone number to be updated after submitting the request through SASSA online or in person. A text message confirmation will be sent to you once the update has been completed.

In case your request is declined, reach out to the SASSA helpline for clarification on the reasons behind it. Possible factors for rejection may include inaccurate personal information or insufficient eligibility.

You are limited to submitting only one request to update your contact details every 24 hours.


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