How to Apply for SASSA R370 Grant in South Africa (2024) 

The South African government launched the Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant) program to provide financial aid to its citizens who are struggling financially and cannot meet their family’s essential needs. You can easily complete the R370 SRD Application from the comfort of your own home.

The National State of Disaster is coming to a close, so the Sassa R370 grant is no longer under the State of Disaster Act. The SRD grant is now being handled by the Social Assistance Act, of 2004. Applications for COVID-19 Sassa SRD unemployment grants of R370 are open now.

Check SASSA StatusFrequently Asked Questions

Apply for SASSA R370 procedure

Register for the SASSA Online Application

Breaking News: SASSA SRD Grant R350 increased to R370

First, you must “Register a New Account” to take SASSA services.

  1. Go to the web browser: 
  2. Click on the yellow labeled button: “Register.”
  3. A pop-up will appear. Click on “ I Agree” to proceed.

Provide Personal Details

  1. Select citizenship ( South African, Permanent Resident, or Refugee).
  2. Your identity document type ( ID document or temporary ID)
  3. Your ID number (the ID number would be your client login username)
  4. Title (Mr., Mrs., or Miss) > not necessary 
  5. Your name
  6. Email > not necessary.
  7. Put password
  8. South African Country Code
  9. Cellphone number: very important for registration.
  10. After completion, click on the save button to proceed.

An OTP is sent to your mobile number. Enter that OTP in the box provided to confirm your registration. 

Note: Please keep the browser open when waiting for the one-time pin. If you close the browser, then again go to the home screen and request a new PIN.

Eligibility for the sASSA application

To be considered for the SRD grant, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the eligibility criteria to determine whether you meet the requirements for qualification and to ensure that your application is complete and meets all necessary documentation.

To be eligible, you must fall into one of the following criteria:

Regional Requirements

  1. Applicant must be a permanent South African citizen.
  2. Applicant must have official recognition as a refugee in South Africa.
  3. The applicant must be an asylum seeker in South Africa who holds a valid section 22 permit or visa.
  4. South African resident who holds a special permit from one of these: Special Angolan Dispensation, Zimbabwe Exemption, Permit Dispensation.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant age must vary between 18 to 60 years.

To pass a means test your earnings must be equal to or less than R624.

Not be receiving any other type of government social grant.

Applicant must be unemployed and have no other source of income.

Not be a contributor to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

You mustn’t be currently receiving a stipend from the scheme.

Lastly, it is required that you are not a resident of a state-funded station.

documents required for the SASSA online application

If you are under eligibility criteria then you will need these documents when applying for a grant. Provide your details, including:

South African citizens are required to present their authentic 13-digit South African ID (identity document), Refugees must provide either their passport number or special permit number.

Provide your name, date of birth, and gender exactly as mentioned on your ID, passport, or permit.

Your phone number must be registered under your name.

Attach a document or utility bill that confirms your current address.

Attach a bank statement that presents your income.

A certificate from your previous department. This proves that you are currently unemployed.

Attach other supporting documents that can be submitted to prove your eligibility.  

How do I apply for the SASSA Grant 2024? 

First, make sure you have a stable internet connection on your device. Take the time to carefully review and submit your application to increase your chances of receiving the grant. To ensure that your application is submitted correctly, please follow the steps outlined below:

SASSA R370 Grant Application Process - A Step-by-Step Guide

Choose the preferred application platform

To avail of the SRD grant, you have the option to choose from three platforms: the official SASSA website, WhatsApp, and the SASSA chatbot. Submitting multiple applications will not accelerate the processing of your application.

how to Apply SRD’s official website

  1. Browse to
  2. Click on “ How do I Apply for Grant” and further click to the “click here to apply online” button
  3. Submit your registered phone number and choose the grant for which you want to apply.
  4. After selecting the grant, you will see an application form.
  5. Please take a moment to complete the screening questions and ensure that all the fields are filled out correctly, as per the details on your ID documents.

How To Apply Via WhatsApp

  1. Add the SRD WhatsApp number 082 046 8553.
  2. Send the message to this number.
  3. Provide the necessary personal details as requested in the chat.
  4. In the chat, you will receive the OPT code and a link to the SRD website.
  5. Click on the link, provide the OTP, and click verify.
  6. Provide your identification number and surname.
  7. Confirm your details as provided and continue to the “Agree Terms and Conditions” section.

How To Apply Via Chatbot

  1. Open the SASSA official website
  2. Access the chatbot for “SRD R350 Grant Assistance”. Available at the right side of the webpage.
  3. Enter your ID number and mobile number.
  4. Choose the option. “I want to apply for an SRD R370 grant.”
  5. The link to the SRD website will be shared with you in the chat.
  6. Continue to the “Agree Terms and Conditions section below.

How To Apply through GovChat

 It’s an official and reliable tool online. SASSA made it to help lessen the traffic on their website. This app is great if you’re not sure how to use the SASSA GovChat app. Here’s a simple guide to help you out.

  1. Feel free to visit the official website using the URL mentioned earlier.
  2. You’ll be directed to a page where you can enter your cell phone number.
  3. After entering your mobile number, you’ll get a verification code sent to your phone via SMS.
  4. Now, enter the verification code.
  5. If you’re looking to apply for the grant online, you have three options: the WhatsApp line, the official website of SASSA SRD, or the GovChat Application. Whichever you choose, they will all lead you to the same agreement where you must agree to the terms and conditions.

Agree Terms And Conditions

Acknowledging that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions stated in the Declaration and Consent Documents is essential. Also, read and agree to the terms of You and Your Special COVID-19 SRD Grant document.

Fill your details

You will need to provide these details to prove your eligibility for the SASSA grant.

NumberDetails Required
1Your ID number (Identity document)
2Your Full name and surname as stated on the ID card
3Your Gender (Male or Female)
4Your Residential Address
5Your phone number and email address
6Your employment and financial situation
7Any other supported documents to prove that you are eligible

Now click on the “Submit Document” button. Kindly note that SASSA has the right to ask for additional information if necessary.

Generating Affidavit

After this, SASSA will generate an affidavit against the necessary information as seen on the web page. You must answer truthfully, as providing incorrect information may cause a delay in processing your application. You can download and fill out the SASSA-generated affidavit and consent for bank payment form directly from the website. Documents must be uploaded in an acceptable format.

choose your payment method (Banking Information)

You may have previously applied for the SRD grant or are applying for the first time. The next step will differ slightly for each situation.  Please follow the below steps accordingly:

For New Applicants

If this is your first time applying for the SRD grant, you must select one of the two available payment methods.

Cash Send

To use Cash Send as your payment method:

  • Please give them a mobile number that is registered in the previous steps
  • Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Submit the details.

Bank Account

To proceed with a bank account as your payment method, it is essential to provide the following banking information:

  • Bank Name
  • Account Number
  • Branch Name
  • Account Type
  • Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Submit the form

The bank account must be under your name because SASSA is unable to transfer your payments to a bank account that belongs to someone else.

For current Applicants

For those who have previously applied for the SRD grant and selected a bank account as their payment method, please follow these steps:

  • Confirm your existing bank account details.
  • Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • submit the form.

 In case you previously used the cash payment method and now wish to switch to a bank account method, then provide the following banking details:

  • Bank Name
  • Account Number
  • Branch Name
  • Account Type
  • Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Submit the form

 Please remember that SASSA requires the bank account: you provide to be in your name to process your payments.

Confirmation Message

You will receive a confirmation message on your mobile number regarding activating your banking details for the SASSA SRD R370 application. Congratulations! Your SASSA SRD R370 application is now active.

apply for SASSA R370

Verification Process by SASSA

SASSA will now verify and validate all the details you provided by cross-checking them against the government databases.

  1. Verify your ID number, name, surname, and other personal details by cross-checking against the database maintained by the Department of Home Affairs.
  2. Your details are verified by accessing authorized databases such as SARS, UIF, and NSFAS.
  3. Verify your mobile number and ID number by cross-referencing them with authorized databases.

Once SASSA completes the verification process, your SRD grant application will be approved or declined by SASSA, along with a valid reason. Your application process is completed.

SASSA SRD application status check

After the submission of your application, when your application has been approved, it is important to regularly check the status of your upcoming grant payments and their scheduled dates. This will help you to receive your payments on time.

There are several ways to check the status of your SASSA SRD grant.

Through this website

Through the Moya APP Using the Data Free Method

Through SASSA WhatsApp 082-046-8553

Through SMS To SASSA Number 082-046-8553

video guide For SASSA application via SMS

If you are unable to access the internet, there is an alternative method to apply using your mobile phone through SMS. Dial the USSD code 1347737# to initiate the application process. Please carefully watch the instructional video below for step-by-step guidance.

How to reapply for an R370 application

The SRD R370 grant can be reapplied for in two ways: either through the SRD official website or by visiting the nearest SASSA office. Applying online is the most convenient and hassle-free method, requiring only a cell phone, laptop, or computer with a reliable internet connection.

Procedure to reapply for sassa R370

Follow these steps:

Visit the SASSA official site: Click here.

Give your ID number and Mobile number.

Verify an OTP which is received to your registered mobile number.

Update your information and provide the essential documents.

Resubmit your SRD application to SASSA.

Must save your Reference number as proof.

Stay informed about your application status from here

How to Reconsider Your SRD Application

If your initial application for an SRD grant is not approved and you firmly believe that your application was mistakenly declined you have the right to apply for reconsideration. Carefully verify your personal information and other pertinent details for accuracy. Keep in mind that you can make this request within 30 days after the rejection, and this option can only be exercised once.

You can apply for reconsideration by following two ways:

  • You can apply through this website link
  • Second, Contact SASSA on the Toll-Free Number 0800-60-10-11 to apply.

Appeal for reconsideration declined for grant application

Suppose your reconsideration request is rejected and you continue to disagree with SASSA’s decision. In that case, you have the option to appeal the decision of your SASSA SRD grant to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSA).

 You must appeal within 90 days of being notified by providing the following details:

  1. Your name
  2. Contact details
  3. SASSA reference number
  4. The reason why you believe that you are eligible for the grant but your application was declined unfairly
  5. Any evidence that supports your appeal

All information is sent to ITSAA via the page. If ITSAA finds it in your favor, they will reverse the SASSA ruling, and you will begin receiving SRD grant payments.

how the SRD Grant Payment Process works

Once your SRD grant is approved, you will be paid from the date you applied. SASSA does not have fixed payment dates, but they release a monthly payment schedule for your reference. To stay updated on the upcoming payment dates for SASSA, make sure to check their official announcements.

The two methods listed below are how SASSA will pay you for the grant; you must choose one of them:

  1. A straight deposit into your Postbank or bank account. The banks may charge you for the service fee.
  2. Grant payments can be withdrawn in cash at various retail outlets partnered with SASSA, including Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer, Checkers, Usave, and Spar.

NOTE: Post offices are no longer utilized as cash collection points for the SASSA R350 grant.

How to Cancel Your SASSA R370 GRANT Application

If your application has already been approved, you will need to follow the necessary steps to appeal the decision and request the cancellation of your application.

if your grant is active, then you need to cancel your application by using the following method:

  1. Proceed to the SRD website via this link.
  2. Enter your ID card and phone number and click the button “Send Pin”.
  3. You will receive a 6-digit OTP on your mobile number.
  4. Provide this code and click on “Verify Pin”.
  5. You will be redirected to another page. Click on the “Cancel My Grant” button.
  6. A prompt will be shown to confirm that you want to cancel your application. Clicking “yes” on the prompt will initiate the process of canceling your application.

How To Restore Your Cancel SRD R350 Grant

You can restore your application by following these steps in the given situations:

1Go to the browser SRD website via this link.
2Enter your ID card number and phone number and click the button “send pin”
3You will receive a 6-digit OTP code on your mobile number.
4Provide this number on the website and click the button “verify pin”.
5Read and Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
6Click on the “reinstate my grant” button.
7A prompt will be shown to confirm that you wish to reactivate your previously canceled application. Click “Yes.”

Note: Please note that this process may take some time to complete.

Updating first and last name for SRD R350

Monthly updates for both name and surname are available through SASSA. Updates can only be requested if your name is incorrect on your ID document. If there are other reasons, such as marriage, divorce, or any other reason, then you want to replace your ID document first.

Before updating, please ensure that your first and last names match with your South African green ID document or Smart ID card. This is necessary for verification purposes.

  1. Go to the SASSA website through this link and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2. Click the “click here to proceed” button in the “South African ID Holders” section.
  3. After redirection to another page, go to the “Request Names and Surname Update” tab.
  4. Provide your ID Number, Name, and Surname, and click the “submit” button.

Once the Department of Home Affairs verifies the information, your name and surname will be updated on the SASSA system. If they require any further information, you will be notified by SMS as soon as your update is finished.

Updating Your SRD Grant Contact Details

Keeping your contact information up-to-date is crucial for the smooth processing of your grant payments. You can update your contact details by the following method:

  1. Visit the SRD website through this link
  2. Provide your ID number and the Application ID that SASSA issued to you when you applied or reapplied for the grant.
  3. Now provide your new contact details.
  4. Click ”submit”.

Remember that the changes will take effect 24 hours after the update.

Everything you need to know about ” how to apply for the SASSA SRD grant was covered in this article. Keep yourself updated on the latest SASSA grants, payments, and updates by regularly visiting our SASSA Guide. It’s the best resource for information related to SASSA.

Frequently ask questions

At first, the SASSA SRD grant was offered in the amount of R350 per month. Various proposals have been put forward to raise the amount of the SASSA SRD grant, now it has increased to 370 by an increase of R20 from April 2024.

The SASSA SRD R370 grant application takes approximately 60 to 90 days to process, which may vary depending on the application volume.

According to the last update, the government is willing to run it until March 2025. still, there’s a chance that the government may extend it further.

According to the new policy, Social Relief of Distress will be paid monthly for up to three months, but in exceptional cases, it can be extended for an additional three months. If you are still facing financial difficulties and struggling to fulfill the basic needs of your family.

If you don’t have an ID: You must complete an affidavit in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths who is not affiliated with SASSA.


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          1. Show them any relevant document like your previous job which is now off due to any reason.

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  1. Here is some good news for applicants: The South African government has increased the monthly grant amount from R350 to R370 from April 2024, which is good for those in need of financial support. Be quick to apply for your eligible SASSA grant.

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