SASSA Card Declined Not working at ATMs? Fix In Easy Steps

The SASSA card declined is a normal problem faced by grant holders. To resolve this problem, read this article to pinpoint your cause. If you are pretending that your card is getting canceled at ATMs or stores, it means that your card has been blocked. Unintentionally by its user, or sometimes blocked by SASSA. This can cause inconvenience and frustration to cardholders.

When you see the message Invalid card or transaction declined, while using the ATM, your card has likely been blocked due to unauthorized activity or suspicious transactions. A message is delivered to your mobile number with a valid decline reason for your SASSA gold card.

I know this grant is significant in your daily life but do not worry I’m here to help you in solving this issue. This article explains why your card may be declined. It also includes step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting and reactivation.

Read this: You can easily Fix your SASSA Card Declined issue through this article. If you still have questions in your mind then further check out the Frequently Asked Questions and to check your grant status visit this.

Why Your SASSA Card Declined?

First, find out the reason why your SASSA card is declining. Then take action according to the written issues in this guide to resolve the issue. Almost 9 reasons are described here:

  1. SASSA gives you a daily 1000 to 1800 withdrawal limit( depending on grants), but when you exceed this limit, it may cause your card to be declined. You need to check the update limit on the official website
  2. A common human mistake is entering the wrong PIN so many times for your card. It can restrict your card.
  3. Sometimes your card is blocked when you are not collecting your grant on your pay day. This delay can lead to the blockage of your card.
  4. When your SASSA account has insufficient funds, this can also cause a declined card status.
  5. A technical issue happens when the server is under maintenance and shows a message about your block card.
  6. If your card is used in any suspicious activity, it may result in it being blocked for security reasons, and SASSA will further investigate it. This investigation can take some time.
  7. When performing system migration at Post Bank, In some cases, problems may occur during the migration, and your card may be declined.
  8. Your card may also be declined if your account (not a Post Bank account) is closed or has any pending transactions.
  9. The last reason for card blockage is that you are not an active user for SASSA grant holders. In this situation, you cannot reactivate your card again.

This is commonly the main reason behind SASSA cards being blocked. Now move on to the solution for these issues.

Steps to Fix SASSA Blocked or Decline Card Issue

You can call the SASSA helpline or visit the SASSA office to reactivate your card. The unlocking process will depend on the reason why your card was blocked, and SASSA staff will guide you accordingly. I will guide you through a step-by-step procedure. How do you activate a blocked card? Check that your card condition is good and not physically damaged. If your card is physically damaged, you may need to get a replacement card from your bank.

Please take note that the SASSA will not block your card after the expiration date has passed. According to the latest announcement for 2024, the expired SASSA card will work properly until no further update.

sASSA helpline to unblock your SASSA ATM card

The first way to unblock your SASSA card is to call them directly at their helpline. When I didn’t know why my card was blocked, this method helped me quickly. Do the same steps which I mentioned below to overcome your problem.

Unblock SASSA card declined by helpline
  1. Dial 0800 60 1011 to call the SASSA helpline.
  2. An automated voice message will guide you through various options. Select the relevant option to join with the SASSA agent. Normally, you have to push 1.
  3. Ask the staff member who receives your call to tell them about your problem your card was declined at the ATM during the withdrawal.
  4. To confirm your identity, they will need your private details and ID card number.
  5. After the identity verification, they will explain the reason that caused your card blockage and guide you on resolving the issue. Your card will be reactivated if they have blocked it from their system. 
  6. Please note that they may also ask you to come into the office if they require additional verification or if they have blocked your card while an investigation is ongoing. The phone number you provided when submitting your SASSA grant application must be used to contact them.  If not, they might not be able to handle your request.

how to Reset sASSA card PIN

You can reset your PIN by visiting the nearest SASSA office and providing identification to prove that you are the cardholder. This works if you are sure enough that your card is blocked by entering the wrong pin so many times; otherwise, you may need to contact SASSA customer support for further assistance.

Wait until the block has expired

If you exceed the daily withdrawal limit, then your card may be blocked. This is not a big deal, as it can easily be resolved by waiting until the next day when the card will expire. You can then use your card as normal.

how to Reactivate the SASSA Card

Your card will likely be blocked if you do not receive your grant funds promptly. Therefore, following the steps to reactivate your card is important. Visit the nearest SASSA office with the necessary documents, like your registered phone number and ID card number. Tell them that your card was blocked when I was out of the station and unable to pick up my grant. Your card will be unblocked in a matter of minutes. 

how to Retrieve PIN Via WhatsApp

Once your SASSA card has been properly reactivated, you can request the department on WhatsApp for the one-time pin (OTP). This will allow you to access your account and reset your PIN if necessary securely. Just follow the instructions listed below to reset your PIN via WhatsApp.

NumberSave this number, 082 046 8553, on WhatsApp.
SMSSend them a message saying “Hi” and wait for their response to come.
ReplyAfter getting their response, reply to them again with a message saying “Help.”
RespondFollowing that, respond with 4, which will give you several choices.
OptionLocate the “SASSA OTP” option among them and respond to it.
Reference numberLater, they will ask for your reference number. Tell them the reference number you got from the SASSA office to complete the process.
OTPTo get your OTP and complete the SASSA card, follow the instructions provided until the very end.

Visit the SASSA Office to resolve the problem with your SASSA Card declined

Visit your local SASSA office to resolve your declined SASSA card if you are uncomfortable using the call method. Locate your closest SASSA office and note its opening hours. You will also need a mobile phone with a registered SASSA phone number and your identity card number to bring with you to the office.

SASSA card declined fix it by visiting office
  1. Visit the office when it is open.
  2. There may be long lines outside the office; you will need to wait for your turn while standing in line under the scorching sun to get your work done. 
  3.  Tell the SASSA worker that you want to unblock your rejected SASSA card.  Also, let them know you had trouble withdrawing money from the ATM.
  4. To confirm your identity, a representative will ask you for your ID and other documents. 
  5. They will give you a guide after verifying your identity. The card is activated by them if it is blocked by SASSA. 

They might also perform some additional verification checks before correcting your card. You may have to wait for hours due to long lines, which is the negative point of this approach. Therefore, it is preferable to check your issue by contacting the SASSA helpline first.

NOTE: Whether you visit a SASSA office or call the helpline, the staff at the SASSA office and helpline will guide you if your card gets blocked for any reason—technical, withdrawal limit, incorrect attempts, late grant collection, or issues with your bank account.  After the verification process, they will give you the information you need to wait for, or your card will either automatically fix itself or If SASSA has blocked it, they will unlock it for you.

Steps to Take If My SASSA Card Remains Blocked

By following these methods, I am pretty sure that your SASSA will be unblocked, but if you are facing this issue, then there is another option for it. You can request that the SASSA issue a new card. For it, you have to visit the SASSA office. The staff member will tell you the reason for your card blockage as soon as possible.

At the same time, you can change your grant collection method from the Gold Card to the Post Office, Pick n Pay, or any SASSA-partnered retail outlets for added convenience and accessibility.

If you lost your card in any mishap, then follow the below guide that will help you recover your lost SASSA card. Now you know how to unblock your declined SASSA card. However, I’m going to give you some tips to avoid any future problems.

How to prevent your SASSA card declined issue

Now you know how to unblock your SASSA card declined. However, I’m going to give you some tips to avoid any future problems. To ensure that your card is always safe follow these steps:

  1. Every grant has a separate daily and monthly limit for withdrawal. So avoid exceeding your daily withdrawal limit. Check your withdrawal limit according to your grant guidelines.
  2. To avoid this issue in the future, it is important to take proactive measures. Collect your grant on time. Grant collection delay can lead to again blockage for your card.
  3. Avoid trying to use the wrong PIN for your SASSA card, so it is very important to save your card PIN in a secure place. Wrong attempts will cause card blockage and may require you to visit a SASSA office to have it unblocked.
  4. Avoid sharing your PIN with anyone else; this can lead to misuse of your card and potentially unauthorized transactions. So keep your pin secure.
  5. If your card is lost or stolen, it is important to report it immediately to SASSA to prevent any mishap and protect your funds from unauthorized use.

You can always protect your card and keep it safe from any future mishaps by following these little tips and being cautious with your card usage

How to Withdraw Money from SASSA Without a Card

The mobile app from SASSA makes it simpler for beneficiaries to access their funds anytime, anywhere. Simple steps to withdraw money from your SASSA account using the app.

Download and install the SASSA mobile App.

Next, register your account if already registered then log in to it.

Link your SASSA account with the mobile app.

After linking you can access your grant funds through the App. Choose the option to withdraw and follow the instructions to finish the transaction.

What do I do when I lose my SASSA card?

If your card is lost or stolen, it’s important to report it right away to SASSA to avoid any unauthorized use. SASSA can assist you in blocking the card and organizing a replacement, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

How much will it cost to get a new SASSA card?

Changes in Sassa account policies and transaction costs as of 1st April 2024.

Only one free replacement card is allowed per year thereafter replacements will be charged at R26.00 each.

Contact for SASSA Card declined

If you are having trouble going to the SASSA office, alternative ways exist to seek assistance. You can contact [email protected] via email or toll-free number 0800 60 10 11.


In conclusion, you need not worry about your SASSA card being blocked or declined because SASSA will always be there to help you. contact their friendly staff without delay so they can help you restore the functionality of your card. To get back to accessing your SASSA funds quickly they’ll make every effort to enable you to access your SASSA funds conveniently

Frequently Asked Questions

Your SASSA card may be declined due to some reasonable reasons: Exceeding withdrawal limits, entering the wrong PIN again and again for your card, insufficient funds in your account, and the server being under maintenance. if your card has been reported as lost or stolen. If a personal bank account is closed.

You can unblock your card by calling the SASSA helpline office at 0800 60 10 11.  The second method requires you to visit the office during opening hours. In both methods, you have to verify your identity and provide the necessary information to unblock your card. Then SASSA will guide you through the process of unblocking your card based on the specific reason for the card blockage.

This is the latest update from SASSA: Your card keeps working even though it is expired. Your card will not be blocked due to expiration. If you are facing an issue, it means there is another reason, which is described in this article. Follow the guide carefully to resolve the issue effectively and continue using your card without any interruptions.

In this situation, you can request that SASSA issue a new card to you. But this works after knowing the possibility of the reason for the blockage. You can also consider changing your grant payment method to avoid further issues in the future. It is important to follow the steps given by SASSA staff and provide all the necessary documents for a smooth process.

You can easily reset your card PIN by visiting the nearest office along with your proper documentation, which includes your personal identification number and grant form. They will recognize your information and let you reset your PIN in just a few minutes.

You can keep your money on an SASSA card for as long as you like. You can also take out the money at any time.

These points will protect your card from unexpected blockages. Do not exceed the daily withdrawal limit. Remember your card pin accurately, and never share it with anyone.

  • When a card is stolen or lost, report it to the office immediately. Failure to report a stolen or lost card may block your card.
  • These steps will help you save your card and keep it secure. You can ensure the safety of your financial information.

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