How to Collect SASSA R370 Grant at Pick n Pay?

SASSA beneficiaries now have the option to conveniently and expeditiously receive their payments using the Pick n Pay method. If you are a recipient of SASSA R370 grant and have chosen Pick n Pay as your payment method and are seeking guidance on retrieving your grant funds, this article will provide all the necessary information.

Collect SASSA SRD R370 grant

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How do I collect SASSA grant?

You have the option to receive your SASSA funds using different payment methods. Opting for the banking details process allows for direct payment into your bank account. Providing your banking information to SASSA is necessary to ensure the grant is deposited into your account.

Before SASSA had implemented an alternative method for beneficiaries to receive their cash through the post office. However, this method now has been discontinued by SASSA.

However, if you prefer to collect your SASSA grant at Pick n Pay, you must switch your SRD payment method to Pick n Pay first. Once you make the change, you can begin collecting your SASSA SRD R370 grant at Pick n Pay by following the steps outlined below:

How to Collect SASSA R370 Grant at Pick n Pay?

Make sure you meet the specific criteria set by SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) before going to Pick n Pay to check if you are eligible for the SASSA SRD R370 Grant.

To claim your SASSA SRD R370 Grant at Pick n Pay, please follow these straightforward instructions:

Once SASSA approves your application for the SRD R370 grant, you will get an SMS.

Your R370 collection point and payment date are provided in the SMS.

Ensure you have your ID and mobile phone number with you when you go to a Pick n Pay store on the specified day.

Provide your ID and cell phone number at the cashier’s desk to confirm the availability of your SRD R370 grant payment.

Confirm USSD message on your mobile phone.

Pick n Pay store will deliver the SASSA R370 grant payment to you.

You must sign a payment receipt as confirmation of the collection. Please ensure that you complete this step before you leave the designated collection area.

Remember: Only the cellphone number that is registered in your name and was provided during the SASSA SRD R350 grant application process can be used.

How to Choose Pick n Pay as SASSA SRD Payment Method

Visit SASSA website

Navigate to the authorized SASSA webpage located at the link.

Select Changing banking details

Locate the section labeled ‘Change Banking Details.’ Select this option to continue with the process of updating your banking information.

Enter details

You will be required to input your South African ID number as well as your registered phone number. It is crucial to ensure that these details are entered accurately to proceed with the process.

Get Link

After putting your identification number and contact number, the SASSA system will proceed to create an OTP link. This personalized link will then be forwarded to the phone number that you had initially registered with.

Proceed the link

Access the exclusive URL from the messages or email on your mobile device. Proceed to activate the link by clicking on it.

Provide Information

You will be guided to a webpage where you can proceed to update your payment information. It is important to carefully follow the provided instructions and input all the necessary details accurately.

Select Pick n Pay

Make sure to select ‘Pick n Pay’ when you reach that section during the update process. Confirm that you have selected Pick n Pay as your payment method for the SASSA R370 Grant.

Submit details

Completion of the necessary steps and confirming Pick n Pay as your preferred payment method, please submit your updated banking details. Notification will be sent to you once your payment method has been successfully updated.

How many methods I can collect SASSA payments?

The R370 grant can be collected through any of the following methods chosen by the beneficiaries:

how many methods to collect SASSA SRD R370 grant


Any Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, or USave merchant is available for beneficiaries to access their R370 grant. For those who have already applied, they have the opportunity to go back and choose the option to receive their R370 from the supermarkets mentioned.

Cash send service

This payment method is ideal for individuals without a bank account in their own name. To utilize this option, a valid ID number and a registered cell phone number are required for access.

Bank account

This method is widely regarded as the most secure, efficient, and strongly endorsed approach to access your SASSA R370 grant. To utilize this payment option, you must provide your banking information, and your grant will be deposited directly into your bank account for withdrawal at any ATM.

Frequently asked questions

Getting your R370 grant from a store such as Pick n Pay is easy: just apply through SASSA, choose the store as your payment option on their website, and then pick up your grant directly from the store for convenient access.

You can collect your R370 grant from a variety of approved payment points, such as designated stores like Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, or USave merchants in addition to ATMs.

No, SASSA SRD R370 grant payment cannot be obtained from certain Pick n Pay stores such as Pick n Pay Clothing, BP Pick n Pay, and Pick n Pay Liquor. However, aside from these, you can receive your SRD R370 grant payment from any other Pick n Pay store.

To collect your SRD R370 grant payment at Pick n Pay stores, you must have your ID and mobile phone number ready.

You have the option to receive your R370 grant at Boxer stores within their normal business hours. Boxer is recognized as one of the approved payment platforms for the SRD grant.

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