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If you are a resident of South Africa and frequently receive social offers, you might be familiar with the SASSA EasyPay Green Card. The recipient gets monthly payments and access to more benefits with this prepaid debit card. To learn everything that there is to know about this card and how it works, read on To get all the important information on the SASSA EasyPay Green Card.

The Easypay Green card operates independently and is not associated with SASSA. SASSA has clarified that there is no connection between them and Easypay.

SASSA easypay green card

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What is SASSA Easy Pay green card?

EasyPay South Africa, a privately owned company that provides various financial solutions to people in South Africa who dont have access to conventional banking services, offers this prepaid debit card. It is multi-purpose, for online and in-store purchases and serves as a Mastercard.

Other services enabled by EasyPay South Africa include:

What are the benefits of SASSA easypay green card

The EasyPay Green Card has a couple of benefits over the different expense strategies. These advantages or benefits can be summarised as:

Convenience: Your SASSA green card can be used without a bank account, and you can transport your money at any space and occasion. You can also avoid the queues and delays in the post office and SASSA offices.

Security: If you lose or have your Easy Pay Green card stolen, you can block it right away, it has a pin and a chip and unblock it later.

Benefits: With the card, you can save on other cards or in the account but the savings are less than other cards and accounts available at financial institutions. Also, you can transfer money instantly using the ATM option.

Rewards: Through employing the card, numerous rewards and discounts from different partners are got thus ensuring the card users gain their favorite goods cheaply. In addition, users get to participate in various contests where winners reap huge prizes.

Why is SASSA not affiliated with Easypay

One thing that should be noted is that SASSA and Easypay are two different entities with their functions. SASSA is an abbreviation that stands for South African Social Security Agency and it is a government entity whose primary role entails assisting with various social grants and services.

In contrast, Easypay offers a range of financial services, such as loans, that require repayment with interest. On the other hand, SASSA solely focuses on providing social grants and does not offer any loan facilities.

Each organization has eligibility criteria and ways to apply. It should be noted that among the terms a person needs to have been receiving SASSA grant to qualify for Easypay. Nonetheless, this does not mean that Easypay and SASSA are directly related. This is simply convenient for borrowers because they can pay back the loan each month from their SASSA money.

How to Get the SASSA EasyPay Green Card?

You now have a clear understanding of the relationship between SASSA and Easypay. If you are still keen on obtaining an EasyPay green card, kindly proceed with the following steps:

  1. Please ensure to visit the closest Net1 Financial service branch in your area.
  2. Bring your mobile phone and essential FICA documents.
    • You will need to present either your Smart ID card or RSA green barcoded ID book as your identity document.
    • Provide proof of address like a utility bill or bank statement dated within the last three months showing your current address.
  3. You will meet with a consultant at the branch to assist you.
  4. Finally, complete the application process for your EPE card.

The process takes no more than 10 minutes typically. Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that upon approval of the EasyPay loan, you must return it with accruing interest from your monthly stipends.

Eligibility criteria for easy pay loans sASSA

Just like other financial apps used in South Africa, EasyPay has specific conditions that one must meet to qualify for their services otherwise they will not get a loan.

To qualify for EasyPay you must at least be eighteen years old. Moreover, you should also be a citizen of South Africa. You need to have held an EasyPay Everywhere account for at least three months to apply for the loans.

Since this application is designed for mobile phones, individuals are required to create an online account. Nevertheless, even if a new account is created, it will not be eligible for a loan, regardless of the loan amount. To become eligible for a loan, users must reach the three-month milestone.

The final condition necessitates that the individual seeking a loan must create an account in their own name and undergo biometric verification at the closest bank. It is not permissible for any other relatives to establish an account in another person’s name. All of these criteria must be satisfied by a South African citizen to apply for a loan through EasyPay.

How to apply for easy pay loans sASSA

It is common for individuals to be unaware of the process of obtaining a loan through EasyPay, which may prevent them from utilizing this service to its full potential. If you find yourself pondering how to secure a loan from EasyPay, you have come to the right source.

Apply for SASSA Easy Pay loans

Via mobile

Getting a loan through EasyPay is easy and you don’t have to physically go to the bank or queue. You just need your phone. EasyPay Green Card contact information includes mobile number 1203737#. Also, this number is used for checking EasyPay Green Card balance.

Following the execution of the USSD code, a request for ID number will come your way. For identification number insert grant card number then send. For further instruction, respond to whatever appears on your screen and press 1 to access your credit card.

Next, punch in your ATM PIN and give away the information to where the goods should be sent. Soon after you will get a prompt on the monitor that wants to know the loan amount as well as the category you want. Pick the amount you wish for and your request will be taken into consideration.

Upon approval of your application, the loan amount will be transferred to your bank account. If your application is rejected, you will not receive the loan and will need to re-submit your details.

In the event of rejection, you can contact EasyPay at 0801-111880 from your cell phone for assistance or further information.

Via visiting bank

In case you cant access a loan through your phone, you may opt to visit any branch of SASSA EasyPay Green Card. Please carry the following items with you upon arrival; documentation, ID card, and pay slip for biometric verification within the bank premises.

Once you submit your application, it will be thoroughly reviewed before any decisions are made about funding. If successful, your borrowing will be debited by the approved sum of money.

How to check easypay green card balance?

Checking the balance of your EasyPay account is a straightforward and uncomplicated procedure. To do so, you must adhere to the subsequent instructions:

Dial the USSD code 1203737# by using the mobile number that you have given them.

When requested enter our EasyPay Green Card pin.

You will be provided with details regarding the remaining balance on your card

how to withdraw money from EasyPay official merchant site?

Kindly adhere to the steps below to withdraw funds from EasyPay’s authorized merchant:

  1. Find the wallet icon on the EasyPay main screen and select it.
  2. Access the withdrawal options.
  3. Choose the withdrawal feature.
  4. Input the desired withdrawal amount.
  5. Provide your 6-digit passcode for security purposes.
  6. Confirm the withdrawal by selecting “yes.” Receive your payment.

Is SASSA linked with easy pay?

SASSA has officially stated that there is no connection between us and EasyPay. The misunderstanding arose from the statement made by EasyPay.

According to EasyPay, “SASSA SRD supply holders must first be EasyPay cardholders to obtain EasyPay loans.”

This statement may lead to the misconception that SASSA is collaborating with EasyPay to provide loans. However, it is important to clarify that this is not the case at all.

What is the Difference Between SASSA and EasyPay Green Card?

SASSA and EasyPay are distinct financial services, each catering to a specific need and being affiliated with separate enterprises.

Issuing Organization: The SASSA card is issued by the South African Social Security Agency while the EasyPay Green Card is produced by EasyPay, a financial services company.

Purpose: The SASSA card serves as a reliable mode through which grant recipients access their payments therefore promoting ease in money dealing. The EasyPay Green Card also operates as a prepaid one performing like a debit card used in managing one’s finances generally.

Eligibility: The SASSA card is exclusively issued to individuals who meet specific criteria, which may include factors such as age, disability, or socioeconomic status. On the other hand, the EasyPay Green Card has its own set of terms and conditions to determine the eligibility of individuals.

What are drawbacks of easypay green card?

The SASSA EasyPay Green Card does have its share of disadvantages. Here are some of the challenges:

Confusion: Some individuals might mistakenly think that the card is issued directly by SASSA but this is not the case which is a fallacy. However, EasyPay Green Card is a product by EasyPay, a private company that operates under its terms and conditions. Before you sign for the card, it is essential to go through and understand the contract in detail.

Deductions: Unauthorized or excessive deductions from your cards may occur, particularly for individuals who borrow from Moneyline, a loan organization connected to EasyPay. It is important to exercise caution and responsibility when borrowing money, and to report any discrepancies to EasyPay or SASSA.

Complaints: If individuals encounter any difficulties or legal disputes with the Easy Pay green card, such as defective cards, incorrect balances, or unsatisfactory customer service, they can contact EasyPay or SASSA for assistance.

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Article conclusion

Your concerns regarding the SASSA EasyPay Green Card have been addressed. The EasyPay Green Card, which is overseen by MoneyLine, is not directly associated with SASSA. While it does provide loans to individuals, including SASSA beneficiaries, it is not affiliated with SASSA. This confusion has led to some applicants encountering unexpected repayment difficulties.

SASSA offers grants to those in financial need, while EasyPay provides loans that require repayment with interest. Therefore, if you are thinking about applying for an EasyPay Green Card, make sure you comprehend the terms and keep in mind that they function independently from SASSA aid programs.

Frequently asked questions

If you already have an account on the SASSA web portal, you can conveniently apply for a SASSA card online. Simply log in to your account and begin conducting transactions. However, if this is your first time visiting the website, you will need to complete the registration process to create a new account.

There could be specific charges linked to the SASSA EasyPay Green Card, including fees for ATM withdrawals or balance inquiries. It is crucial to carefully examine the fee schedule provided by SASSA.

The card remains valid and will continue to function normally even after it expires. Postbank guarantees that your grant will be paid punctually through your existing SASSA Gold Card.

While SASSA functions as an agency of the government, extending grants to people in need of financial aid, EasyPay differs in its mode of operation from these two organizations because it mainly gives out loans on which borrowers pay back principal sum plus other charges.

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