SASSA eForms & Affidavit in PDF Format – Easily Downloadable

To apply for a grant, you must fill out and submit the necessary SASSA forms. This article provides a thorough list of all the essential forms, SASSA eForms, and affidavits needed for SASSA applications, as well as easy-to-access download links. After downloading, simply print the forms, complete them, and send them to SASSA to request the grant that best fits your requirements.

Affidavits, bank forms, consent forms, and various other necessary documents are among the forms that need to be completed. Although these forms can be obtained from SASSA offices, opting to download and print them on your own can be a time-saving alternative to waiting in line at the offices.

SASSA eforms and affidavit download for all grants

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SASSA SRD grant Affidavit forms

Various affidavit documents are needed for each type of grant. Download the appropriate document based on your grant.

sassa child grant application form pDF

You must download and complete the necessary form to apply for a Child Support Grant. SASSA requires this form to gather information about your details, marital status, income sources, relationship with your child, and details about your child.

SASSA Affidavit for Care Dependency Support grant

To be considered for a Care dependency grant, it is necessary to download and fill out the affidavit form provided. SASSA requires this form to authenticate personal details, marital status, sources of income, relationship to the child, and information regarding the child.

Affidavit for SASSA Old Age Grant

To be eligible for an Old pension grant, you must fill out the necessary paperwork to confirm your details, marital status, sources of income, and residency documentation.

SASSA Affidavit Form for Disability Grant

To apply for the SASSA Disability grant, you are required to complete and submit the provided form along with your medical records. SASSA will utilize this form to authenticate your details, sources of income, and marital status. Additionally, SASSA will verify your disability upon receipt of the completed form.

Affidavit Form for Foster Child Grant

To be eligible for a Foster Child Grant, it is necessary to download and fill out the provided affidavit form. SASSA utilizes this form to authenticate your details, marital status, sources of income, relationship with the child, and information about the child. Additionally, a court order must be submitted along with the affidavit as evidence of your legal status as the foster parent of the child.

SASSA Affidavit for Grant in Aid

To be considered for the grant-in-aid, it is necessary to download, complete, and hand in the designated form. Before applying for the SASSA grant-in-aid, eligibility requires being a beneficiary of either an elderly person’s grant or a disability grant. SASSA will utilize this form to authenticate all provided information.

SASSA Forms For Application

You will need to submit various forms along with the SASSA affidavit forms. Below is a list of the additional forms that must be included with your application:

SASSA Form for Bank Payment

If you wish to have your SASSA grant payments sent directly to your bank account, you must fill out and submit this form.

SASSA Medical Assessment Referral Form

To apply for a disability grant, child support grant, grant-in-aid, or any other grant that requires you to provide information about your medical condition, it is necessary to submit the Medical assessment referral form. You can easily download the form by clicking on the link below.

SASSA Reapplication Form

If you were ineligible or missed the deadline to apply for the SRD grant before, you have the opportunity to reapply by completing the Reapplication form.

SASSA SRD Reconsideration Form

If your SASSA grant application has been declined and you wish to appeal for a review of the decision, you will be required to utilize the Reconsideration form provided.

Proof of School Attendance form

When applying for a child support grant, it is recommended that you complete and submit the necessary form for a school-going child between the ages of 7 and 18. While this step is not compulsory for receiving child support grants, it is viewed positively and is actively promoted by the government.

SASSA forms available for download

Form of SASSA SRD Appeal

These forms are necessary for appealing to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). If you want to challenge the rejection, completing the appeal forms is essential.

Lodge an Appeal to SASSA Form

If your SASSA grant application has been denied, you’ll have to go through an appeal process. The first step is to get hold of this form, which you can download. Once you’ve downloaded it, make sure to fill it out completely and attach all the required documents. Finally, submit the form along with the necessary documents to SASSA for review.

SASSA Appeal Form 3

The appeal form mentioned here is specifically for appeals made before 1 June 2022. However, if you wish to appeal after this date, you must utilize the “Lodging Of An Appeal Form – Form 1” provided above. In case you require the previous valid appeal form, it is available for viewing and downloading below.

Application for Late Appeal Form (August 2019)

If the deadline for submitting your appeal was missed and you were unable to do so on time because of extraordinary circumstances, SASSA offers an extension for appealing. You have the option to fill in your details and submit the late appeal form for consideration.

SASSA eForms

You can find the online application form for SASSA here:

The SASSA official web portal provides access to all other SASSA eForms. To utilize these forms, it is necessary to complete the registration process on the portal. Once successfully registered, users can conveniently access all the available eForms through the portal.

Article Conclusion

SASSA’s dedication lies in simplifying and enhancing the grant application process for all South African citizens. To achieve this, they have streamlined the process by offering downloadable forms and e-forms for online submissions, aiming to reduce the waiting period at SASSA offices. Applicants can conveniently select the appropriate form based on their grant type, be it child support, care dependency, old age, disability, or Grant-in-Aid, and can also opt for online e-form submissions through the SASSA web portal for added convenience.

Frequently asked questions

To apply for grants, it is necessary to complete and submit SASSA forms. These forms encompass affidavits, bank forms, consent forms, and various other documents that are essential for the processing of your application.

Access the SASSA forms on this page or go to the SASSA official website for more information.

Yes, you have the option to submit your SASSA forms online by registering on the SASSA web portal.

Various grants necessitate specific affidavit forms. Kindly ensure to download and utilize the form that aligns with the grant you wish to apply for. If you are uncertain about the appropriate form to use, we recommend visiting your nearest SASSA office or reaching out to their toll-free call center at 0800 60 10 11 for guidance.

A Consent Form is required for Bank Payment processing. To have your SASSA grants deposited straight into your bank account, it is necessary to fill out and return this form. You have the option to access the form from this webpage, the official SASSA site or you can collect it in person at the closest SASSA office.

You can find the SASSA online application e-forms by visiting the website link. The rest of the SASSA e-forms can only be reached through the official SASSA web portal. To access all other e-Forms, you must first register on the SASSA web portal.

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