SASSA Status Check Appeal – SRD R370

If you have applied for the SASSA SRD grant and it has been declined, but you are unsure about how to check the status of your appeal, you are not alone in this situation. To easily check the appeal status, you can visit the SASSA appeal website, which operates under the Department of Social Development.

It is evident that a significant number of individuals, including yourself, are encountering similar challenges and require assistance in navigating the process of monitoring the progress of their appeals. There are different ways to the SASSA status check appeal, depending on whether you can access the internet or a basic phone.

SASSA SRD R370 appeal status

SASSA Status Check AppealFrequently Asked Questions

Document required before checking SRD Appeal Status

Before proceeding with the SRD appeal status check for R370, please ensure you have the following essentials in place:

A device (like a mobile device, tablet, laptop, or computer) that enables access to the internet.

South African identification number. The unique number assigned to you on your official South African ID document.

The cellphone number you provided when applying for the SASSA grant is active, as you will need to receive an OTP on that number to complete the process of checking your appeal status.

After ensuring that you have all the essentials prepared, proceed to verify the status of your SRD appeal

Process of SASSA status Check Appeal online

You are now prepared to verify the status of your appeal. Follow these steps to check your appeal status efficiently.

SRD appeal status check

Access the official website

Open your browser like Chrome or Safari on your device. Utilize this provided link to visit the SASSA status check appeal website:

Click here to Lodge an appeal or check appeal status

After accessing the SASSA appeals website, simply look for the button that says “Click here to Lodge an appeal or check appeal status”. You can find this button under the section titled “How do I exercise my right to appeal the COVID-19 SRD?”.

SRD appeal status check

Enter your details

A new page will open up, where a form will be available. Enter the South African ID number you used when you first applied for the SRD R370 grant. Then click on the “send pin” button.

SASSA appeal status check form

Get the code and verify it

Your SASSA phone number will receive an OTP code for verification purposes. Enter the OTP code on the website and click the “submit” button to complete the verification process.

SASSA SRD R370 Appeal Status appears

Once you have confirmed the OTP, the screen will show your SASSA appeal status. By following these straightforward instructions, you can monitor the progress of your SASSA SRD appeal status check.

Note: SASSA’s decision can be overturned by the final decision of ITSAA.

How to check SASSA R370 appeal status via USSD code

Access your phone dialer application on your device. Enter one of the following codes with precision: *120*3210# or *120*69277#

Tap on the dialer button and a pop-up will appear, revealing a small menu with different numbers to choose from.

To check the status of your SASSA R370 appeal, simply press 3 on your phone.

Once you have followed these steps, your phone will indicate the status of your SRD appeal, which could be “Approved,” “Declined,” or “Pending.”

How to check SASSA SRD appeal status by Application

To check your SASSA R370 appeal status through the mobile app simply follow these guidelines:

Install the app

Open the App Store or Google Play Store on your phone. Tap on it to launch the store. Search the word “SASSA” in the search bar and download the official SASSA application from there.

Create account

Once you’ve finished downloading the application, open it. The app will ask you to create an account, so just follow the instructions given. Make sure to enter a username and password that you can easily remember.

Check Appeal status

After setting up your account, locate the button labeled “Social Relief of Distress Grant” or “SRD.” Click on it.

Tap on the section that says “Status Check for R350” or something similar.

Enter your South African ID number and phone number correctly before proceeding with the application. Use the phone number that will be in your initial application.

Click on the button labeled “Submit” or “Check Status”, and you can instantly see the current status of your appeal on your phone.

SRD status check appeal via SMS

It is simple and easy to track your SRD appeal status through SMS. Follow the below prompt.

  1. Send your South African ID number to 32573.
  2. You’ll receive a message with your SRD R370 appeal status.

Expected Results for SRD Appeal Status

Familiarize yourself with the various appeal statuses to easily recognize your status when you come across it. You will be assigned one of the statuses below:

Approved: Your appeal has been granted, meaning that you will now receive the SRD grant payment for the month your grant was previously declined.

Identity Verification Failed: The personal information provided does not match the records maintained by the Department of Home Affairs, indicating a potential issue with your identity details.

Existing SASSA Grant: The applicant is currently receiving another social grant, which disqualifies them from the SRD Grant during the appeal period.

NSFAS Registered: The applicant was supported financially by NSFAS throughout the reconsideration period, demonstrating an alternative source of funds.

UIF Registered: An additional source of financial aid was provided to the applicant through payments from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) during the appeal period.

Government Payroll Registered: Employment in a government institution during the appeal period implies that the applicant had a source of income.

Age Outside Range (>60): Due to age restrictions, the applicant is considered ineligible during the reconsideration period as they are over 60 years old.

Age Outside Range (<18): The applicant is not eligible for consideration due to being under 18 years old during the reconsideration period.

Deceased Record on DHA: The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) database shows that the applicant’s status was listed as deceased at the time of the appeal.

How long does the SASSA status check appeal take to be updated?

The appeal decision is concluded by the Independent Tribunal of Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) within a period of 60 to 90 days. Nevertheless, the duration of this process may differ based on the volume of work and the number of applications received by the tribunal.

After a decision has been reached, we will send you a text message to your SASSA phone number to inform you. In the case of approval, we will also provide you with clear instructions on the next steps to take. However, if the decision is not in your favor, we will send you a written notice that will explain the reasons behind it.

What to do when the SASSA appeal status is approved?

After your Appeal status has been approved, the grant payment for the month it was initially rejected will be disbursed to you. Remember, each month requires a separate appeal to be lodged. Payment will only be received for the specific month in which your appeal application is granted.

What to do if SRD appeal status is rejected?

If your appeal status is declined by ITSAA, that will be the final decision and you will not be eligible for any additional support from SASSA or the Department of Social Development. In case you are dissatisfied with this outcome, your last recourse would be to bring your case to the High Court for a judicial review under the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, 2000, within 180 days.

Article Conclusion

It is crucial to monitor the status of your SASSA SRD grant appeal to access the financial assistance you need. Countless individuals depend on these grants for vital support, making it essential to be aware of how to keep track of your appeal status. By adhering to the detailed process provided here, you can easily check your appeal status online using only your ID number and cellphone.

Regardless of whether your appeal is accepted or denied, understanding the potential outcomes and next steps is crucial. If your appeal is successful, you will receive the grant payment for the relevant month, but if it is rejected, you will need to explore other options, such as pursuing judicial review. It is important to remember that although the process may be time-consuming, staying informed is key when navigating the SASSA appeal system.

Frequently asked questions

After your appeal has been granted, you will get a confirmation through SMS on your SASSA registered mobile number. Additionally, the status on the website will be updated to “Approved”, showing that your appeal has been accepted.

To track the progress of your SASSA R370 appeal form, simply head over to the SASSA appeals website and follow the instructions provided in the guide. By inputting your ID number and cellphone number, you will be able to stay informed with live updates regarding the status of your appeal.

The Independent Tribunal of Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) takes around 60 to 90 days to finalize the decision on your SASSA SRD R350 appeal status. This includes the time taken to process the appeal and come to a conclusion. Rest assured, you will be notified as soon as the decision is made.

If your appeal status is denied, the decision is considered final, and you will not be eligible for any additional support from SASSA or the Department of Social Development. However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you have the option to pursue a judicial review within 180 days under the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, 2000. This means you can take your case to the High Court for further consideration.

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