How to Apply, Renew and Recover SASSA Card

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SASSA Status CheckFrequently Asked Questions

SASSA card apply procedure

apply for the SASSA card

There are two ways to apply for an SASSA card: by visiting the nearest SAPO (South African Post Office) or through an online portal.

Eligible for Grant

Before submitting your application for the card, it is essential to determine your eligibility. Ensuring that you meet the specific criteria for the grant you wish to apply for is crucial for more information on the various types of grants and their eligibility requirements.

How to apply for the SASSA card online

If you are unable to visit your nearest post office for any reason, there is no need to worry. The internet has made it convenient for you to submit your form online, saving you from the hassle of standing in queues at the Post Office.

Visit the website.

Register yourself on the SASSA Services portal.

Enter this information to proceed.

  • Your phone number
  • Your email id
  • Your ID
  • Your full name
  • Your password (generated for the account).

After completing the registration process, users must log in to the website to gain access to the range of SASSA services available.

Click on the “Apply for a Grant” button to begin the application process. Here, you can fill in the required information for the selected grant. Click submit.

SASSA gold card

process to Renew the SASSA gold card

If your SASSA card has expired and you need to renew it, there is positive news for you. SASSA has recently declared that the card validation has been extended for the new year.

Millions of social grant beneficiaries are not required to switch from their SASSA gold cards to cards offered by other banks due to this significant development.

The continuity of the SASSA gold card saves beneficiaries from the often costly process of changing their payment methods.

Head of communication, Dr Bongani Diako
The renewal of your SASSA grant card can only be done by Postbank, ensuring their exclusive authorization for this service. Any changes in eligibility may result in your grant being denied, even if you have a newly issued card.

Stay informed about the renewal process for your SASSA gold card by reading on, as I provide a detailed overview of the steps involved.

How do I renew my SASSA card?

To continue enjoying the benefits, it is important to renew your card once it has reached its expiration date. Familiarizing yourself with the necessary steps will make the renewal process straightforward. Before the expiration date, there are specific procedures that need to be followed to ensure a smooth transition.

Collect these documents

Ensure you bring all necessary documents with you when you come to the office:

Your identity document (e.g., ID card or ID book)

Your proof of address

Utility bills

Your expired SASSA Card

Visit the nearest SASSA office

To renew your SASSA grant card, kindly make your way to the nearest branch of the Post Office and approach one of the officials there for assistance.

  • Old Age Grant and Disability Grant beneficiaries are served on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Child Support and other grants are processed from Wednesdays to Saturdays

Verify identity and get the form

The agent will request that you submit the necessary documents for verification. Ensure that you hand over all your documents. Upon successful verification, you will be given the form. Additionally, they will assist you in navigating the renewal process and completing the necessary paperwork for the form.

Fill out the form

It is essential to complete the form accurately by providing your correct information. It is crucial to ensure that you provide updated and accurate details to avoid any potential rejection of your card renewal due to misinformation.

Submit the form and get a receipt

You will receive a receipt from them, The receipt is essential for the collection of your updated SASSA card.

After your card is renewed, a notification will be sent to you. You have the option to collect your card from either the Post Bank branch or the South Africa Post Office (SAPO).

Upon receiving your card, you must activate it by following the provided instructions. Remember to keep your card PIN safe and avoid sharing it with others for security purposes.

Now you are ready to use the SASSA card at any ATM or bank in South Africa. Withdrawal points include popular merchants like Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Boxer, Spar, and Usave.

Note: It was reported that certain merchants were pressuring recipients to buy items to access their grant money. Retailers and shops are not allowed to compel customers to make purchases before they can withdraw their funds.

Beneficiaries were explicitly instructed by SASSA to report any store or vendor that pressured them into purchasing items before receiving their SASSA grants. It is your entitlement to receive your complete SASSA grant payment, and you possess the authority to utilize the funds in whatever manner you see fit.

How to recover a lost SASSA card

In case your SASSA card is misplaced, the initial action required is to lodge a First Information Report (FIR) at the nearest police station. Subsequently, you must present the FIR document and adhere to the identical steps outlined earlier to request a replacement for your SASSA Card.

To complete your application, please ensure that you include a copy of your FIR report. The rest of the process will remain unchanged. Kindly inform the Post Office representative about the loss of your previous SASSA card and your intention to apply for a replacement card.

how to collect grants directly into a bank account

Follow these steps to opt for direct deposit of your social grant payments into your bank account instead of receiving them through a gold SASSA Card.

Go to the SASSA office

Ensure to visit your local SASSA office to obtain the necessary form for changing your payment method, enabling you to request the transfer of your social grant payments to your bank account.

Go to the preferred bank

Take the SASSA form to your preferred bank and request them to officially stamp it. The bank’s stamp is essential in validating the form’s credibility and verifying your identity as the account holder.

Proof of Bank Account

Request a stamped proof of account letter from the Bank to accompany the SASSA form.

Send the Form Back to SASSA

Once you have received the bank stamp on the form, it is necessary to return it to SASSA accompanied by supplementary documentation. This usually entails providing your bank statement or evidence of an operational bank account from your financial institution, and verifying that you possess an account capable of receiving the social grant payments.

What are the benefits of the SASSA Card?

Utilizing a SASSA card offers advantages when receiving SASSA grants as your payment method.

Secure access to payments

Access to funds at any ATM or Point-of-Sale that displays the Mastercard or Visa logo. Provides a secure and hassle-free way to make transactions without the worry of carrying physical currency.

Free transactions

SASSA gold cardholders are entitled to a complimentary withdrawal from the Postbank or any affiliated retail outlet. In addition, cardholders can enjoy a free balance inquiry and receive three complimentary mini-statements each month.

Access online payments

By utilizing your SASSA card, you can conveniently settle your bills, including electricity, SABC TV Licence, and various government services. Additionally, the card enables you to effortlessly make online payments from the comfort of your own home.

SASSA card holders enjoy numerous advantages, with peace of mind being one of the most significant. Rest assured that your funds are secure and easily accessible whenever required, allowing you to prioritize more crucial aspects of your life without concerns about financial instability.

Article conclusion

To summarize, this article has furnished you with the necessary details regarding your expired SASSA card. The recent prolongation of the SASSA gold card’s validity brings relief to numerous social grant recipients by alleviating the need for immediate card renewal. This extension allows for uninterrupted use of the card for grant disbursements until 2024. Nevertheless, if your card requires renewal, it is important to note that this process can solely be facilitated by Postbank through a physical visit to the South African Post Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can now rest assured about the expiration of your SASSA card. SASSA has recently made an announcement stating that there is no need to renew your expired card anymore. You can continue to receive your grant payments on your expired card without any concerns.

SAPO branches in South Africa facilitate the renewal of SASSA cards. To renew your SASSA card, it is necessary to locate the nearest SAPO branch and personally visit the branch.

The SASSA card will remain active, and there are no plans to discontinue it. The card will not have an expiration date of December 31, and you will be able to continue using it for your grant payments until 2024.

Unfortunately, an online card renewal service is not currently available. To renew your SASSA card, it is necessary to personally visit the South African Post Office (SAPO).

To renew your card, it is necessary to have your identity documents and expired SASSA card. Additionally, you might be required to present evidence of your address and utility bills for verification.

Unfortunately, there have been no updates regarding any changes to SASSA cards. Initially, there were plans to replace the cards before December 31, but SASSA has since confirmed that there will be no card replacements. Rest assured, you will continue to receive your grant payments on your current SASSA cards.

In case of a lost SASSA card, it is important to report the incident by filing a First Information Report (FIR) at your nearest police station. Following this, to obtain a replacement card, simply adhere to the renewal process outlined in the article. Remember to include a copy of your FIR when submitting the necessary documents for card renewal.

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