Apply For Old Age Homes For SASSA Pensioners

If you ever lack any close family members or relatives during your retirement age, you should apply for the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Old Age Grant, commonly known as the Old Age pension. You will be given care at one of DSD’s many residential Old age homes. These programs were designed for older persons who received the SASSA old-age pension.

Old age homes for SASSA old pensioners

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What are the Eligibility criteria for Frail care?

To be eligible for entry into a retirement home, certain requirements must be satisfied:

  1. Receipt of the Old Age Pension
  2. Illness or disability involving the need for full care, whose need has been confirmed by a doctor’s advice
  3. Being 60 years of age and above with no money
  4. Being a South African by birth who has a green bar-coded identity card

How to apply for an old age homes facility

If you are a SASSA pensioner and are interested in gaining admission to an old age home, there are a few steps that you need to follow:

SASSA Office: Visit the nearest office of the Department of Social Development

Forum: Get an Old Age Homes application and fill in all the necessary forms for the residential place

Attach Documents: Make sure to submit all the required documents to complete the admittance letter

  • Your South African identity document (ID).
  • A medical report.

Submit Documents: Please ensure you submit your application forms together with all necessary documents

Screening: A screening test will be conducted to assess your eligibility for admission and financial assistance

Family member: For those who find it difficult to visit us as a result of their old age or sickness they can ask their relatives or close friends to come on your behalf

Social Visit: A home visit is scheduled by a social worker who will evaluate your present living situation

Notification: If your application is rejected, you will get a detailed explanation in writing about this decision

How to choose old age pensioner homecare

Choosing to utilize elderly care services at a retirement home enables SASSA pensioners to receive holistic care for their physical and mental well-being, all while maintaining their autonomy. Once the SASSA application is submitted, the approval process is initiated, contingent upon bed availability at the facility.

Note: It is important to note that entering a facility under a state contract results in a 25% reduction in the social grant after the fourth month of admission. However, the grant is fully restored once the individual is discharged from the institution.

How long does it take to get admission to an old age homes

Within 14 days of your application for admission to a nursing home being submitted, the Department of Social Development will review the same. After application submission, expect a response within 30 days.

List of Old Age Homes for SASSA Pensioners

You may review the directory of retirement communities to find a residence near your location where elderly individuals can access the necessary care and assistance they require in their later years. These facilities offer vital services such as housing and essential support:

List of old age homes in South Africa (Frail care)

North West

Rustenburg: Rustenburg Old Age Home

Western cape

Cape Town: Athlone Old Age Homes


  1. Boksburg: Boksburg Old Age Home
  2. Johannesburg: Alexandra Old Age Home, Eldorado Park Old Age Home, Golden Harvest Old Age Home, Lenasia South Old Age Home, Protea Glen Old Age Home, Randburg Old Age Home, Roodepoort Old Age Homes, South Hills Old Age Home, Soweto Old Age Homes
  3. Krugersdorp: Krugersdorp Old Age Home
  4. Pretoria: Pretoria North Old Age Homes


  1. Durban: Durban North Old Age Home, Isipingo Old Age Home, KwaMashu Old Age Home, Phoenix Old Age Home
  2. Pietermaritzburg: Pietermaritzburg Old Age Home


Polokwane: Polokwane Old Age Home


Nelspruit: Nelspruit Old Age Home

What are the benefits of old age home

Old age homes are the most suitable solution for addressing any challenges related to old age that come with growing older. Nobody can escape old age at any time and old people get better care in such facilities. This article discusses major reasons why old age homes can be considered excellent alternatives for seniors.

  1. Staff is available around the clock to assist with various day-to-day activities such as dressing, bathing, eating, drinking, and ensuring that individuals follow their daily routines. We understand the importance of maintaining independence while offering the necessary support to make life easier.
  2. Safety is a top priority for us, particularly for individuals who may have memory issues and could forget to secure doors and windows. Our staff is trained to ensure the safety and security of our residents, protecting them from potential threats such as fraudsters and acts of violence.
  3. We recognize that social engagement plays a vital role in combating the loneliness that often accompanies old age. Our staff actively encourages interaction among residents, fostering a sense of community and providing opportunities to share life experiences, participate in social activities, and enjoy outings that keep them mentally stimulated and engaged.
  4. Proper nutrition is essential for overall well-being, especially for those who may have specific dietary needs. Our staff takes responsibility for providing a variety of healthy and nutritious meals at regular intervals throughout the day, catering to the unique requirements of each individual.
  5. Staff is always here to assist you with any inquiries or tasks related to phone communication or email correspondence.

Article conclusion

The decision to place a family member in an old age home is often made when individuals are no longer able to provide the level of care and attention needed for their loved one’s daily life. This may be due to health conditions that require more specialized care and facilities available in old-age homes. For those who require specific medical attention, extensive time, and dedicated care, opting for an old age home can be the most suitable choice.

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Frequently Asked Question

Old-age homes could be owned by private individuals and companies, or they may be run by governments. Concerning social development authorities, these institutions are officially recognized as homes for the elderly while offering different services that enhance their everyday living and guarantee their access to healthcare services.

The number of residential facilities catering to older individuals is approximately 1,150, as per estimates. However, it is concerning that only 415 of these establishments are officially registered with the Department of Social Development, indicating a potential lack of oversight and regulation. Additionally, it is worth noting that a mere eight facilities are owned and operated by the government, highlighting the limited involvement of public authorities in providing care for the elderly.

Health insurance can be utilized for frail care or rehabilitation services, albeit for a limited duration.

It offers treatment for people who don’t have control over household chores like putting on clothes or eating etc due to reasons like sickness, aging, physical disabilities, and mental retardation among others at the frail care facility

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