SASSA Status Approved But No Payment – Solved

Discover why your SASSA status was approved but payment hasn’t arrived yet, and find the solution to this common issue. Upon the completion of the application process, it is important to closely monitor your grant status. Once Sassa gives her approval for your grant, the funds will be transferred to you using your preferred payment method. If you are interested in knowing the definition of “approved” in the context of Sassa, I can guide you to the appropriate content.

In this article, we will thoroughly examine the various factors that may lead to the approval of your grant status while withholding the pay dates. Furthermore, we will present an effective solution to resolve this issue and resume the timely disbursement of your grant funds.

SASSA status approved no payday

Find out if your application has been approved and if a payment date has been set by checking the current status of your grant. Access the guidelines provided to learn how to check the SASSA status of your application. For further queries regarding your SRD Status approved but no payment check out Frequently ask questions to resolve your issue.

What if my SASSA status is approved but no pay date?

Numerous factors can lead to missing pay dates, so let’s examine each reason individually and solutions for these issues.

1. Missing or outdated bank details

One big reason why you might not get your payment on time is if you give the wrong bank details when you apply for an SRD grant. It’s super important to make sure the info you give is right so that SASSA doesn’t have trouble checking it.

As of SASSA:

“Individuals who have been approved but have not received payment yet include those with unresolved bank account issues, failed bank account verification, or pending verification from the National Treasury. Keep checking your account for updates on when the payment will be processed”.

2. The Bank account exceeds the requirements of the means test

Another reason might be that there’s too much money in your bank account compared to what’s allowed. It’s really important to check that your bank balance stays below the limit set by the means test and that you haven’t withdrawn a lot of money recently.

3. Incorrect Bank details

It is possible that the reason for this issue could be incorrect contact details. You must regularly verify and update your contact information to avoid any potential issues in the future.

4. An additional verification required by SASSA

Sometimes, SASSA might need more proof or information from you, which could slow down your payments. It is important to regularly monitor your registered phone number to ensure that you do not miss any notifications from SASSA regarding the need for further verification.

5. SASSA System Error

Apart from what we talked about earlier, there might also be glitches in the SASSA system causing the issue. If it’s a technical problem, it should fix itself in a few hours without needing anything from you.

Reasons for no payday but SASSA status approved

These factors also affect your payday

If your SRD R350 grant gets approved but you don’t get any SMS or payment confirmation from SASSA, there could be a few reasons why:

  1. Frequent changes in payment methods can lead to delays in processing. Regularly switching payment methods can cause complications in the processing system. To prevent issues, it is advisable to only change payment options when necessary and maintain consistency in payments.
  2. Sometimes, SASSA doesn’t have enough money, which can slow down how quickly they can process applications. Even if they approve your application, they might not be able to tell you when you’ll get paid. This can be frustrating for applicants who need the money.
  3. SASSA is currently facing challenges with their bank partners, specifically concerning individuals who utilize e-wallets or have recently switched from the post office to e-wallets for SASSA payments. A significant portion of these beneficiaries are encountering various difficulties and hurdles in accessing their funds and receiving payments on time.

Contact SASSA for more queries

If you require any help or details about your Sassa R350 grant, there are two primary ways to get in touch with the Sassa Contact Center. Firstly, you can give them a call at 0800 60 10 11. Alternatively, you can visit a nearby Sassa office in person for a more direct and personalized inquiry. In case you need contact information for the Sassa offices, here are the addresses and contact details of specific Sassa grant offices.

The conclusion from SASSA sources

Information from SASSA tells us they’re aware of the issue and doing their best to fix it. So, if you’re waiting for the SASSA COVID-19 R350 grant, stay calm because there’s no set date for payments yet. It’s a good idea to keep checking SASSA’s updates for any news about the grant.

Last year, SASSA’s report showed that out of 14 million individuals who applied for the SRD grant, only 9 million were deemed eligible to receive it. This means that there were 5 million applicants who, unfortunately, did not meet the criteria set by SASSA, highlighting the importance of understanding the requirements before applying.

Frequently asked questions

If your application is approved but you’re not getting payment dates, there could be different reasons for this. It might be because your banking details are wrong or incomplete, your bank account balance is too high, your contact information is not accurate, SASSA needs more verification, they’re dealing with a lot of work, or there are technical problems with their system.

SASSA will be unable to issue payment dates if your banking information is inaccurate, pending verification, or if bank account verification has failed. This is because payments cannot be processed successfully with incorrect details on file. It is crucial to ensure that your banking details are up-to-date and accurate to avoid any delays in receiving your payments from SASSA.

If your bank and contact details are correct and you haven’t exceeded any means test limits, it’s crucial to contact SASSA directly to find out what’s going on. You can call their helpline at 0800 60 10 11 or visit the nearest SASSA office with your ID. You can also reach them through WhatsApp at 082 046 8553 for an easier way to get in touch.

You need to wait for the designated payday set by SASSA to collect the grant, and any updates on the amount should be verified through official channels.

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