Recover Your Lost SASSA Phone Number – Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve applied for a SASSA grant but forgot to give your SASSA phone number or gave the wrong one, here you can fix it fast. Make sure SASSA has your correct phone number. That way, they can reach you about your application, interviews, and if you get approved for the grant.

The purpose of this guide is to provide a comprehensive explanation of the steps involved in recovering your forgotten SASSA phone number. It will also outline the necessary documents and potential questions that SASSA may ask during the update process. Additionally, I will provide instructions on how to change your phone number if you are unable to access your previous, forgotten number.

recover SASSA Phone number

Note: Here you can easily recover your forgotten SASSA phone number but if you have further questions in mind you can read the Frequently Asked Questions section to identify your issue.

Documents required to recover the SASSA phone number

To begin the phone number recovery process, it is essential to have the following necessary documents:

  • ID Card Document
  • Application ID or Reference Number
  • New cell phone number (if updating)

After you have both of them, you can begin the process of recovering your forgotten phone number.

How to Get SASSA application ID/Reference number

Don’t get mixed up between Application ID and Reference Number. They’re the same number you got when you applied for your SASSA grant. It is important to locate the unique application ID (AppID) that was given to you by SASSA when you first applied. This ID is necessary to verify your identity and gain access to your application details.

You can find your Application ID on the official SASSA website if you register online. If not, you can check the SRD portal or look for it in emails/SMS messages from SASSA. Having your application ID ready will save you time when you need to contact SASSA to update your details.

Procedure to recover forgotten SASSA phone number

Once you’ve got your ID and Application ID, you can begin the process of retrieving your lost phone number. I suggest going to the office in person since SASSA might need to verify your biometrics before giving you the number.

SRD Lost phone number

If you’d like, you can begin by reaching out to the SASSA helpline. If they request biometric verification, you can then make your way to the office to complete the necessary steps.

Recover the SRD lost Phone number via the offices

If you have forgotten your old phone number, you can retrieve it by following these simple steps through the SASSA office:

Locate your nearest SASSA office

Find your nearest SASSA local office in person to update your phone number linked to your application ID. Make sure to explain your requirements to the SASSA officer at the office.

Get your documents

Remember to bring along your Identity document and SASSA application reference number.

Visit SASSA office

Make sure to visit the office when it’s open. SASSA offices typically open at 8 AM and close at 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Keep in mind that there might be lengthy lines outside the SASSA office, so you might have to wait in the queue until it’s your turn.

Speak with an SASSA official

Inquire with the SASSA representative once it is your turn, stating that you require assistance in retrieving your misplaced phone number. Clearly explain to them that you are unable to recall the phone number you utilized during your application for the SASSA grant.

Undergo verification process

The authorized person will request your identification card along with your application reference number for authentication purposes. Additionally, they may require biometric verification to ensure that your identity matches with the grant details.

Get your SRD phone number information

Once the verification process is done, they will give you the phone number you provided during your SASSA application. In case you can’t access that number anymore, you have the option to give them your new phone number and ask for it to be updated for your SASSA grant.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully obtained your phone number details and also updated it to your new number.

recover forgotten SASSA phone number via call

You have the option to confirm your phone number information by reaching out to the SASSA helpline. Remember to keep your ID Card Number and Application ID on hand before proceeding with the following steps.

  1. Dial 0800 60 10 11 to get in touch with the helpline. Follow the prompts from the automated system to navigate through the available options. To speak with the SASSA representative, press 1.
  2. After connecting with a SASSA official, inform them that you have forgotten the phone number linked to your SRD R370 application.
  3.  To verify your identity, the representative will request your ID card number and application reference number.
  4. Once the verification is finished, you’ll receive a notification regarding the phone number you provided for your SASSA application.
  5. If you’re unable to get through on the old number, request to update your phone number to the new one.

Getting your old SASSA phone number details is as simple as that! Just follow these steps and you’ll be good to go. However, it’s important to remember that SASSA representatives may require biometric verification from you. In such cases, they will kindly request you to visit their office in person.

how to change the SRD phone number without the application ID

As mentioned earlier, the reference number plays a crucial role in retrieving your forgotten phone number. However, if you’re unable to obtain it, there are alternative methods you can try without the reference number. Simply provide your ID document number to the SASSA representatives and inform them that you don’t have the reference number either. They will conduct the necessary verification procedures to ensure you are the rightful recipient of the grant.

If my OLD phone number is not available after recovery?

If you’ve managed to retrieve your lost phone number but no longer have access to it, there’s still a way to update it. Simply request the representative to assist you in changing your old number to a new one while going through the recovery process. However, if you forget about it at that time, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with a helpful guide on how to change your SASSA phone number.

Make sure to carefully consider your decision when changing your phone number, as you are limited to one change within 24 hours.

Article Conclusion

 If you’ve misplaced your SASSA phone number, don’t worry, it’s easy to recover it as long as you have your ID card and application reference number on hand. Simply pay a visit to the nearest SASSA office or reach out to the SASSA helpline for assistance in recovering it. The key factor is to ensure you can verify your identity effectively; make sure you have sufficient evidence to show that you are indeed the rightful recipient of the grant.

If you cannot reach your previous phone number, you have the option to conveniently change it while going through the recovery procedure. SASSA is dedicated to aiding its recipients in all circumstances, which is why it consistently offers simple solutions to address your concerns.


Keep your ID card number and SASSA application reference number ready when you start the recovery process.

In case you decide to apply in person, make sure to keep an eye out for the application ID on the confirmation receipt. However, if you choose to apply online, simply check your phone or email for the application ID.

It can be done. In case you’re having trouble locating your reference number, simply share your ID document number with the SASSA representatives while going through the recovery procedure. They’ll check your identity and might ask a few questions to confirm that you’re the rightful recipient of the grant. After they finish verifying everything, they’ll give you your phone number.

In case you find the forgotten phone number but can’t use it anymore, you have the option to ask the SASSA representative to change it while recovering it. Alternatively, you can also update it later on once you have the details of the old phone number.

 Double-check your information before making any changes. You can only update your phone number once every 24 hours.


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