Requirements for SASSA SRD R370 Grant Approval

To qualify for a SASSA SRD R370 grant, it is crucial to meet certain eligibility requirements and submit all required documents. Use SASSA status Check tool to get payment dates for the SASSA SRD grant and the approval status of various social grants such as old age, disability, and child grants.

SASSA sRD R370 Payment Dates

You can verify your SASSA payment status to check if your SRD grant has been approved, is pending, or has been declined with a reason. After receiving confirmation of approval for your grant payment from SASSA, you can refer to SASSA payment dates schedule to determine the specific payday for your grant collection.

SRD Payment Dates July 2024

Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R350 – R370 is scheduled to be distributed from 25 July to 31 July 2024. Applicants can collect their funds on these dates but first verify your SASSA status before going to collect the SASSA grant.

Ensure that you are aware of the most recent payment deadlines for your SASSA grant, whether it is a social grant or the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R370 grant. This will guarantee that you receive the approved monthly funds either through your registered bank account or that you can collect the cash at your chosen payment method.

How to check SRD R370 payment dates online?

  • Fresh applicants who have recently applied for a social grant through SASSA can verify approval status of their grant online by using the SASSA status checker tool. Simply click on the button to proceed. To receive a confirmation message related to your application status, you will be required to provide your ID and the cell number that was used during the grant registration process. The status update will indicate whether SASSA has approved your grant, along with specific information such as application ID, banking details, and the date of the scheduled payment.

Beneficiaries are required to meet the eligibility criteria for the SASSA grant to continue receiving financial assistance. Your assets and income must stay within the given limits to qualify for government funding via SASSA grant program.

The eligibility criteria for SASSA grants mentioned that individuals can receive financial assistance by fulfilling specific requirements.

How to approve SASSA SRD Grant

SASSA adjusts the limit regularly in line with their policy updates and inflation. It is recommended to ensure that your income limit remains below the threshold to increase the likelihood of a successful application. Going even slightly over the threshold amount could potentially lead to complications.

SASSA SRD R370 grant approve

This limit may differ based on the type of grant such as the SASSA Child Support, Care Dependency Grant, Old Age Grant, Grant-in-Aid, Disability Grant, Foster Child Grant, and War Veterans Grant, which has specific income criteria:

SASSA Child Support Grant Income Criteria

  • The monthly income limit for a single, unmarried, or divorced child guardian is R4000.
  • Married guardians or parents, or if the child has two guardians, the limit is R8000.

Income limit SASSA Old Age Grant

  • If the caregiver or guardian of an elderly individual earns R96,840 or less annually, they are eligible to apply for an old-age grant on behalf of the elderly person.
  • If there are two individuals or a married couple jointly caring for an elderly person, their combined annual income must not exceed R193,680, and their monthly income must not exceed R16,140.

SASSA Disability Grant Income limit

  • If the individual with disabilities does not earn more than R16,140 per month, they qualify for a disability grant.
  • If the applicants are in a married relationship, their total annual assets value must not surpass R193,680.

SASSA Care Dependency Grant bank limit

  • Care dependency grant is intended for South African children who are 18 years of age or older. The monthly income of the parents or guardians responsible for a child over 18 should not exceed R20,800, which must be lower than this amount.
  • If the child’s parents are legally married or in a partnership, their combined monthly income should not exceed R41,600.

bank balance limit for SASSA in-Aid Grant

  • To be eligible for an in-aid grant approval, the individual’s monthly income must not exceed R8 070.
  • For married couples, their combined monthly income should not cross R193 680.

SASSA Foster Child Grant income criteria

  • The grant application is exclusive to the caregiver of the child, requiring proof of sole guardianship over the foster child for approval.
  • No income threshold is necessary for eligibility, with approval contingent upon a valid legal court order and complete identification.

SASSA War Veterans Grant income limit

  • If the applicant for War Veterans Grant is earning R86,280 annually, they will qualify for the grant.
  • For married couples, their combined annual income must be less than or equal to R172,560.

Documents required to approve SASSA grant

Identification documents: South African ID or birth certificate for the applicant and dependents.

Proof of residence: Proof of address can be provided in the form of a utility bill, lease agreement, or affidavit confirming residence.

Proof of Income: You will provide recent payslips, bank statements, or an affidavit if you are currently unemployed.

Medical Reports: For disability-related grants, a medical report or assessment from a doctor is required.

Court Orders: You need a court order to qualify for the Foster Child Grant and take care of the child.

Age Requirements to qualify for SASSA SRD

You must fulfill age requirement to qualify for SASSA grant types and SRD R370 grant. Check out your age limit:

  • Applicants for Older Pension grant must be 60 years of age or older.
  • Child Support grant is for parents and primary caregivers of children under 18.
  • Foster parents must obtain a court order to receive the Sassa grant for fostering children under 18.
  • Care Dependency grant is designed to assist children under the age of 18 who have severe mental.
  • 18 years or older who are unable to work due to a severe disability, supported by doctor medical evidence, are eligible for the Disability Grant.

It is important for South African citizens, permanent residents, or valid permit holders, including refugees and asylum seekers with a green book ID, SASSA eligibility criteria to receive ongoing assistance from SASSA.

Frequently asked questions

Which SASSA grant has no income limit criteria?

The Foster Child grant is the only grant that does not have any specific income limit requirement.

How does SASSA assess your assets?

SASSA verifies the annual increase in the value of your assets, to see if they go over the set limit.

Article conclusion

To be approved for a SASSA social grant, it’s important to meet the eligibility criteria, submit the required documentation, pass the means test, and follow the correct application process. Making sure all your information is accurate and up-to-date will make the application process go smoothly. You must check your payday by using our status check tool to get your grant on time after approval.

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